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Complex care clinic

Complex Care Clinic: A hub for clinical care and family well-being

When a child has complex illnesses, there’s a lot to keep up with – from doctors’ appointments to medical equipment, medications and more. Without support to help coordinate information and resources, families are left to make sense of everything on their own. Our Complex Care Clinic is designed to offer this support and coordination, serving as a hub for clinical care and overall family well-being.
While your child might have complex medical needs that require specialists, they also need a dedicated pediatrician to help address just being a kid! The Complex Care Clinic model helps to assess developmental progress, track growth, manage illnesses. Your child’s specialists will promote family well-being and identify your care goals, all with an in-depth understanding of your child’s overarching care plans. 

Medical care with your child at the center

Each kid and family has unique challenges and needs, usually involving many moving parts. The Complex Care Clinic serves as a medical hub. All communication flows through the pediatrician at the center, so care is personalized, understandable and seamless. 
Complex illnesses impact multiple organ systems and often require: 
  • dependence on technology, such as feeding tubes, breathing support, etc. 
  • care from multiple specialists 
  • recurrent hospitalization 
  • flexibility as care needs can change daily 
All information from specialists, hospital stays and other health care services is coordinated – and you have one point of contact who understands your journey and can help guide you on the next steps. 

One central home for complex needs care – no matter the diagnosis 

Our complex care team cares for children with a wide range of medical needs, including:
  • Extreme prematurity (born before 28 weeks of pregnancy)
  • Rare genetic syndromes
  • Technology dependence 
  • Severe cerebral palsy
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Intractable epilepsy

Who benefits from our complex care clinic?

Complex Care Clinic is designed for children who see five or more specialists and/or are dependent on medical technology. Our nurse case manager can help you determine if this clinic is the right fit, or if other services can better meet your family’s health and support needs. We also partner with your child's primary care physician to provide the best care possible.
You have goals for your child – we do too. We’re here to work toward and achieve these goals, together. 
Caring for the whole child

Caring for the whole child

We’re excited to partner with Better2gether, a local non-profit that has supported families of children with complex medical needs since 2017. They equip families with tools to help care for their child, including non-medical resources and programming focused on the overall wellbeing of the whole family.

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Shari Barkin, MD, MSHS
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Sara Headley, CPNP-PC
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Stewart Jennings, MD
Stewart Jennings MD General pediatrics/primary care Read more
Tiffany N Kimbrough, MD
Tiffany Kimbrough MD General pediatrics/primary care
Complex Care Clinic
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Jeffrey Mapp, MD
Jeffrey Mapp MD General pediatrics/primary care Read more
Sara H Mears, MD
Sara Mears MD General pediatrics/primary care Read more
Laura Tyrrell, MD
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Darren S Witte, MD
Darren Witte MD General pediatrics/primary care Read more


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