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Concussions and technology

Using technology after a concussion

Can technology affect my child's symptoms?

Sensitivity to light is a common complaint after a concussion. For some people, using smartphones, computers, and tablets can make their symptoms worse. Understanding how and why these devices affect your child’s symptoms can help you develop strategies to minimize adverse effects.

What is blue light and how does it affect my child?

Blue light is a type of visible light that can be found all around us. Blue light is emitted from LED light bulbs, fluorescent lights, as well as computer, tv and cell phone screens. Blue light can be problematic for individuals that have a sensitivity to light and can cause symptoms to worsen after a concussion.

Does the type of screen my child uses matter?

Yes! Liquid crystal displays also known as LCD screens can be found in computers, TVs, smart phones and tablets. The light bulbs that illuminate LCD screens refresh or "flicker" at a rate that is invisible to the naked eye but that is still picked up by the brain. This strobe-light type-of effect may cause symptoms to increase during use.

Does the brightness of the screen matter?

Yes! Screens that are too bright, too dark, and/or viewing a bright screen in a dark room can increase eye strain and headaches. Make sure to adjust screen brightness to the brightness of the room they are in; it will help avoid making your child's symptoms worse.

Speak with your child's physician regarding strategies on using technology during your child's recovery.

If you suspect your child or teen has a concussion or brain injury, follow these steps:

If you suspect your child or teen has a concussion or brain injury, follow these steps:

  1. Seek medical attention right away by calling 804-628-4878 or 855-742-4878 (toll-free)
  2. Keep your child out of play
  3. Ask us for written instructions on helping your child return to school. You can give the instructions to your child’s school nurse and teacher(s) and return-to-play instructions to the coach and/or athletic trainer.

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What signs and symptoms will my child have?

What signs and symptoms will my child have?

Concussion symptoms are unique to each individual, but there are common symptoms you should be aware of.

If you believe your child has a traumatic brain injury or concussion, call your child's doctor immediately.

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Frequently asked questions about brain injuries

We understand as a parent you might have a lot of questions around brain injuries. How do I know how severe the brain injury is? When can my child return to sports? How can I make sure they recover safely?

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