Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Infectious diseases

Expert, compassionate consultation and treatment of infectious diseases 

Our infectious diseases team is recognized across Central Virginia as experts in diagnosing and treating all areas of infectious diseases. Our goal is to diagnose disease and return children to good health, quickly.  

Our team reviews suspected infections or existing infections that are complex, chronic, recurrent or particularly difficult to diagnose or treat. Treatment may include antibiotic, antiviral or antifungal therapies. 

Infectious conditions we treat 

We provide both inpatient and outpatient consultation and care for infectious conditions including: 

  • Bone and joint infections, including prosthetic joint infections 
  • Endocarditis and vascular infections 
  • Meningitis and other central nervous system infections 
  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Fungal infections 
  • Skin and soft tissue infections 
  • Tropical diseases 
  • Hospital-acquired infections 
  • HIV infection 
  • Antibiotic-resistant infections (e.g., MRSA) 
  • Fever of unknown origin 
  • Mycobacterial infections, including tuberculosis and MAC 
  • Sexually transmitted infections 
  • Infectious diarrhea, including fecal transplant for Clostridium difficile 

Our experts also provide preparation for international travel and outpatient intravenous antibiotic therapy.

For medical providers 

If you are a medical provider and have a patient with a suspected infectious disease, we offer phone consultations as well as insights on the causes and transmission of disease in a health care setting. 

Referrals, appointments and locations 

Children's Pavilion
804-828-CHOR (2467) 

HIV/AIDS Clinic 

West Hospital, 3rd Floor 

Travel Clinic 

Ambulatory Care Center, 4th floor 


Meet the team

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Suzanne R Lavoie, MD
Suzanne Lavoie MD Infectious diseases Read more
David Friedel, MD
David Friedel MD Infectious diseases Read more
William C Koch, MD
William Koch MD Infectious diseases Read more
Frances Saccoccio, MD, PhD
Frances Saccoccio MD, PhD Infectious diseases Read more