Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Comprehensive hemophilia program

One of Virginia's only "lifespan" hemophilia centers, treating both children and adults 

With knowledge and careful management, children with hemophilia and other blood disorders can often live healthy, normal lives.

Our center is one of two lifespan center's in Virginia, which means we are taking care of your child from birth to adulthood, giving us a comprehensive understanding of your child and family’s needs.

Why choose CHoR as your preferred hemophilia treatment center?

  • We are one of two hemophilia center's in Virginia that treats patients with blood disorders from birth to adulthood.
  • Our hemophilia specialists at the Central Virginia Center for Coagulation Disorders' Hemophilia Treatment Center educate and care for patients and their families.
  • We offer dedicated coagulation laboratories which enhance and expedite the diagnosis, management and monitoring of our patients with bleeding disorders.

How is hemophilia treated?

Though there is no current cure for hemophilia, our treatment center can help provide preventative care to help prevent bleeding episodes from occurring in the future, and on-demand care, which is used to stop patients bleeding as it is happening.

Most patients are seen every six months at our treatment center, and we encourage learning to successfully manage the treatment of a bleeding disorder at home through home therapy. This means you will learn to administer medication for your child for a quicker treatment that results in less serious bleeding and fewer side effects.

Blood clotting medications

The best way to treat hemophilia is to use a medication that will allow the blood to clot properly. This is usually done by infusing medicine into the vein or injecting medications under the skin to prevent or treat bleeding episodes. There are injections for both preventative care and on-demand care. Each of these can be administered at home by a caregiver.

The exact type of treatment will depend on the type and severity of the disorder. Our team of pediatric hematologists will be able to effectively diagnose and help care for children with this blood disorder.

Supportive care for patients and their families with hemophilia

Our comprehensive team provides care to support the unique needs of each patient and family, including:


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