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Patient Stories

Patient stories

A very special thank you to the families who share their child’s medical journey and their personal experiences with our Center for Craniofacial Care in the stories below.

Cullen’s story: Cleft lip and palate treatment

Cullen before surgeryCullen after surgery

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Keith’s story: Conquering craniosynostosis

Keith beforeKeith after

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Samantha’s story: Help for a hemangioma

Samantha before treatmentSamantha after treatment

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Ella’s story: Craniofacial surgery

Ella after surgery

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Benjamin’s story: Comprehensive cleft lip and palate care

Benjamin before treatmentBenjamin after treatment

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Casi’s story: Family-focused cleft lip and palate care

Casi before surgeryCasi after treatment

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Ben’s story: Compassionate care for craniosynostosis

Ben before treatmentBen after treatment

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Teresa and Maria: Conjoined twins separation surgery

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