Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Burn care

The top choice for burn care

We are specially trained to care for children who have moderate to severe burn injuries, offering them both physical and emotional care in the most compassionate, efficient and pain-free way possible. Our goal is to get your child back home as quickly as possible so they can just be a kid.

We treat acute burns while providing intensive treatment to minimize infection, scarring and long-term disability. Pediatric burn care is provided in the Evans-Haynes Burn Center, the oldest civilian burn center in the U.S., the only American Burn Association-verified burn center in Virginia, and one of only 61 such centers in the country. We are also a Level I burn program designated through the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Conditions and treatments

Scald and flame burns are the most common burn injuries in children, though we also treat electrical and chemical burns and skin-loss injuries and diseases. Most kids are treated through wound care and, if necessary, surgery.

Burn care is very unique and requires several phases of treatment for the best outcome.

  • Acute stage, lasting until resuscitation is complete
  • Operative phase, can include several surgical procedures
  • Intermediate phase, focusing on wound healing and increased therapy
  • Rehabilitative phase, including therapy and scar management treatment
  • Reintegration and reconstruction, including plastic surgery, therapy and helping your child and family adjust to home and community life

A special approach to children’s burn care

We are specially trained in caring for kids, allowing us to approach each situation individually and with kid-friendly words and actions. All medical procedures are done in a procedure room so your child can feel safe and comfortable in their room.

We use unique and fun distraction techniques to help children tolerate the pain and discomfort that comes with burn care and dressing changes. Our Vecta Distraction Station stimulates the senses through fiber-optic cable lights, a bubble column, projected imagery, soothing vibrations, aromatherapy and music. Kids can control the bubbles and other elements with a squeeze ball, providing occupational therapy benefits.

The unit also has a special playroom for children, along with an area for family members, so that they can participate in the child's care.


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