Anesthesia, just for kids

Anesthesia or sedation can be used in a number of situations, from a cut requiring stitches to more complex surgeries. If your child faces a procedure that requires anesthesia, our pediatric anesthesiologists will oversee their safety and comfort.

Whether general anesthesia (unconscious), sedation (lighter sleep) or local anesthesia (numbing a specific body part or region), using anesthetics for children demands specialized expertise. Our fellowship-trained anesthesiologists care for newborns, infants and small children with emergency or complex surgical needs in our operating rooms and other locations throughout CHoR.

We provide:

  • Evaluation of your child's medical condition to determine appropriate care
  • Planning of care for before, during and after surgery
  • Anesthesia and monitoring during surgery
  • A comforting environment for children in an OR
  • Pain control after surgery, if needed, either with intravenous (IV) medications or other anesthetic techniques
  • Anesthesia and sedation for procedures such as MRI, CT scan and radiation therapy

Meet the team

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Seamas (James) Dore, MD
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Deanna Couser, MD
Deanna Couser MD Anesthesiology Read more
Arkadiy Dubovoy, MD
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Beata Evans, MD
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Jeannette Kierce, MD, DABA, FAAP
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Iolanda Russo-Menna, MD, MEd, DABA
Iolanda Russo-Menna MD, MEd, DABA Anesthesiology Read more


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