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Research at CHoR


We’re not just caring for kids and families, we’re discovering new treatments, improving outcomes and researching innovative new ideas. Our studies are aimed at making new discoveries that improve understanding and treatment of childhood diseases.

Improving care for kids

Our research is collaborative and multidisciplinary – spanning across all of our specialties. From discovering how to stem the rising tide of obesity to developing new aerosol treatments for cystic fibrosis, we’re finding new ways to improve the lives of kids in our community and beyond.

We have research expertise in:

  • Neurosciences
    • Concussion
    • Muscular dystrophy
  • NICU
  • Infectious diseases
    • CMV
  • Pulmonary medicine
    • UCAN
    • RVA breathes
    • Mucus
    • Airway inflammation
  • Endocrinology
    • Types 1 and 2 diabetes
    • Weight management

Clinical trials

Clinical trials provide access to new or experimental treatments that are not yet widely available. They also provide an opportunity to help researchers find innovative ways to fight disease, helping people with similar conditions both now and in the future. View clinical trials.

What is Clinical Research?

Collaborate with us

Are you passionate about children’s health and research?

Contact us for collaboration opportunities:

Henry Rozycki
Vice Chair for Research

Dr. Rozycki's story

Learn why Dr. Henry Rozycki, vice chair of research, is so personally and professionally passionate

Funding the Future

Funding the Future

We’re making great strides in discovering new treatments that will improve the lives of children in our community and beyond. We manage $16 million in grant funding, including federally funded, industry funded and investigator initiated research projects, and provide access to nearly 150 clinical trials. Our faculty published more than 250 articles and papers and received nearly $2.5 million in new grant funding in fiscal year 2018. These numbers continue to climb as our research vision and clinical teams grow.

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Helping TEENS develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime

An NIH-funded weight management program 

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