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Investigator initiated studies

Investigator-initiated studies

This includes competitive proposal submissions to sponsors including NIH and foundations.

Step 1: Researcher identifies a funding opportunity to which they wish to apply.

Step 2: Researcher contacts Pediatric Research Office grant administrator to discuss eligibility and feasibility.

Step 3: If a go, researcher and administrator discuss roles for all proposal components (link to checklist) and establish a timeline to accomplish tasks and meet internal and sponsor deadlines.

Step 4: Researcher confirms/obtains participation approval from all collaborators and study staff, shares timeline and disseminates pre-submission tasks if applicable.

Step 5: Researcher and administrator discuss, draft and finalize budget.

Step 6: Administrator sends out institutionally required documents to consortia with list of needed documents and a specified return date.

Step 7: In accordance with roles checklist, researcher is drafting and disseminating components with collaborators to refine and finalize proposal.

Step 8: Administrator builds out the funding proposal (FP) in RAMS SPOT and ensures receipt of all consortia and collaborator documents including Letters Of Support and institutional signatures.

Step 9: By internal deadline (5 business days prior to sponsor due date): Administrator uploads final or penultimate science documents and researcher routes the FP for School of Medicine and OSP to conduct review process.

Step 10: 2 days before sponsor due date: All final documents are uploaded and ready for submission by OSP.

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