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Honoring Voice is a virtual storytelling platform that allows children with trauma-related memories to create personalized narratives through avatars. Customizable avatars will enable embodied storytelling, facilitate role-playing performances and ultimately foster participants’ creativity, sense of community and personal meaning making for traumatic experiences. HonoringVoice Avatar tool is designed to help the children participants to create their own avatars on screen, reflecting the multiple states of selves, and playfully act out, improvise and imagine their memories through their avatars, in a safe distance.


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  • Feasibility of Delivering Avatar Facilitated Life-review Intervention for Patient with Cancer Co-authors: Malisa Dang, Egidio del Fabbro, Danielle Noreika Journal of Palliative Medicine, Published on Sep. 2020. (listed in JCR, Web of Science ISI, PubMed)
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  • Jacob Schmitz, PsyD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Virginia Treatment Center for Children

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