Oliver Karam, MD, PhDOliver Karam, MD, PhD



Pediatric Critical Care

Research areas

Whereas Dr. Karam's initial interests were in red blood cell transfusion thresholds, he have focused his research on bleeding and hemostasis, on thrombosis, and on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). Over the last ten years, Dr. Karam has explored various aspects of bleeding:

  • A systematic review of current definitions
  • An international survey of perceived severity of bleeding in critically ill children
  • An international consensus conference that defined bleeding in critically ill children
  • An analysis of quantifiable bleeding on ECMO

He has also assessed risks of thrombotic events in children after liver transplantation and in children after red blood cell transfusions. Finally, he has studied different aspects of ECMO, from the optimal anticoagulation strategy to the indications of ECMO resuscitation

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CHRI theme

Emergency/Cardiovascular/Intensive/Pulmonary (EPIC)