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Mikhail Dozmorov, PhDMikhail Dozmorov, PhD

Associate Professor



Research group

Dozmorov lab

Research areas

My research involves the development of statistical methods and bioinformatics tools for the integrative analysis of genomics datasets. Through collaborations with basic and clinical cancer researchers, I analyze and interpret RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, DNA methylation, single-cell sequencing data.

I am developing biostatistical methods and software to analyze the three-dimensional structure of the genome obtained with Chromatin Conformation Capture sequencing technologies (e.g., Hi-C). I am interested in developing machine/deep learning approaches for the analysis of genomics and medical informatics data.

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  • Chuck Harrell
  • Devanand Sarkar
  • Antony Faber
  • Paula Bos
  • Larisa Litovchik
  • Jennifer Koblinski
  • Joseph McClay
  • Javier Gonsales-Maeso
  • Jason Reed

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