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Michael Schecter, MD, MPHMichael Schecter, MD, MPH



Pediatric pulmonary medicine

Research areas

My primary research focus has been on exploring the reasons for variation in CF outcomes, with an emphasis on environmental and sociodemographic disparities as well as the impact of adherence and of variations in healthcare interventions. Most of this work has been done through secondary data analyses of existing patient registries.

My interest in outcome variation led me to work that I have done over the last 20 years on methods for promoting consistency of care using quality improvement methodology. This general theme has also led me into explorations of the impact of mental health disorders (anxiety and depression) in CF and methods for promoting adherence and disease self-management in that condition.

Since coming to Richmond, I have been drawn into applying some of these same methods and interests into the problem of racial disparities in asthma.

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  • Robin Everhart at VCU
  • many others elsewhere

CHRI theme

Emergency care/intensive care/cardiac/pulmonary, Health equity