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Hamid Akbarali, PhDHamid Akbarali, PhD



Pharmacology and Toxicology

Research group

Gastrointestinal pharmacology

Research areas

The overall focus of our research is to understand the mechanisms governing gastrointestinal function in health and disease in order to develop better pharmacological treatments. The main areas of current research are:

  1. The role of the gastrointestinal microbiome in opioid tolerance
  2. Opioid-induced constipation
  3. HIV-virus proteins and bacterial interaction in enteric neuropathogenesis
  4. Gastrointestinal toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents e.g. mucositis, diarrhea We use a variety of experimental approaches at the cellular, whole tissue and in vivo level. The techniques employed include electrophysiology, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry, organ bath, and in vivo gastrointestinal motility.

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Neurosciences, Personalized Translational Medicine