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Gregory Buck, PhDGregory Buck, PhD



Microbiology and Immunology

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Vaginal Microbiome Consortium

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Our team, the Vaginal Microbiome Consortium is focused on developing an understanding of the contribution of the microbiome of the female reproductive tract on women's gynecologic and reproductive health. We study the components of the vaginal microbiome and their impact on women's gynecologic health. Over the past decade, we've enrolled approximately 5000 women in a cross sectional study entitled the Vaginal Human Microbiome Project (VaHMP) and another 1500 women in a longitudinal study entitled the Multi Omic Microbiome Study Pregnancy Initiative (MOMS PI), and from these women have archived nearly a quarter of a million microbiome samples for a variety of omic applications. This resource is currently being exploited to continue to delve into the role of the vaginal and related microbiomes on women's health. We are particularly cognizant and focused on disparities in women's reproductive health.

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