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Clifton Lee, MDClifton Lee, MD

Associate Professor


Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Research areas

Dr. Lee's research deals with looking at common admission diagnoses in children and the need to safely do less for them during the hospitalization. For example, we have determined that the incidence of refeeding syndrome in otherwise healthy children < 36 months of age admitted for failure to thrive is very rare; thus, decreasing or even eliminating the need to do routine electrolyte testing.

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  • Michael Ryan, MD
  • Katherine Donowtiz, MD
  • Ashlie Tseng, MD
  • Marieka Helou, MD
  • Rebecca Cantu, MD (Children's Arkansas)
  • Chang Wu, MD (UAB)
  • James Gambrill, MD (PrismaHealth)

CHRI theme

Health Equity, Personalized and Translational Medicine