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Audrey Lafrenaye, PhDAudrey Lafrenaye, PhD

Assistant Professor


Anatomy and Neurobiology

Research group

The Lafrenaye Lab

Research areas

My research focuses on exploring the diffuse glial and neuronal pathologies and corresponding morbidity associated with traumatic brain injury. These studies utilize in vivo models of both rat and pig central fluid percussion injury paired with extensive physiological monitoring and/or manipulation followed by behavioral, microscopic and molecular assessments.


Pediatric obesity is a public health crisis with complex underpinnings and systematic and persistent sociodemographic inequities observed. I have a programmatic line of research focused on developing and implementing obesity interventions for at-risk populations to reduce these inequities. This work includes treatment interventions, with a focus on obesity intervention in high-risk adolescents, as well as obesity policy investigations, including those executed in schools regarding the National School Lunch Program. Future directions are to translate effective obesity treatments for dissemination into community settings and apply data-driven approaches to inform policy changes to reduce systematic inequities that drive obesity disparities.

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