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Preaward processes and resources

Road map for pre-award processes

New to research? Here are pre-requisites for VCU's pre-award process:

  1. Required Human Subjects Research (CITI) Training - every 2 years minimum mandatory modules: BASIC (not refresher if new to VCU) and GCP
  2. Conflict of Interest Requirements - annual
  3. Office of Sponsored Programs - mandatory training for new to VCU Principal Investigators (PI)
  4. Principal Investigators send updated CV and medical license to the Pediatric Research Office


Step 1: PI communicates with PRO staff to execute CDA (Confidentiality Agreement) with Sponsor and ensure that the Pediatric Research Office CRC bandwidth exists (if needed); initial CRC tentatively assigned.

Step 2: Sponsor conducts feasibility visit or call - typically requires completion of a questionnaire.

Step 3: If Sponsor accepts VCU as site; PI receives Regulatory Package that may include budget.

Step 4: PI submits PROC (Protocol Review & Oversight Committee) feasibility questionnaire with optional input or assistance from CRC - an advance meeting w/ CRC is highly recommended.

Step 5: Go / No-go decision recommended from PROC.

Step 6: "PRO conducts initial review of Sponsor docs, sends to SOMCT to create time grids and verify." study calendar (SOC vs. Research billing)

Step 7: SOMCT sends time grids - CRC will complete timegrid and calendar w/input from PI.

Step 8: "SOMCT sends draft workbook.  PI and PRO staff conduct initial budget review, including" meeting w/ SOMCT if necessary to answer questions and discuss budget negotiation.

Step 9: SOMCT revises budget as necessary until receiving final approval from PRO to submit to Sponsor.

Step 10: "SOMCT submits budget to Sponsor, negotiates if necessary."

Step 11: "SOMCT seeks explicit approval from PRO, CRC and PI for any changes to budget."

Step 12: Optional: PRO obtains advance index to pay IRB submission cost.

Step 14: PI/CRC submits protocol to IRB.

Step 14: IRB protocol is approved typically with interim revisions.

Step 15: SOMCT submits to OnCore which triggers ancillaries to activate / invoice for setup fees.

Step 16: "Research team (PI, Co-Is, CRCs) complete trainings as required by Sponsor."

Step 17: Site Initiation Visit (SIV) is held.

Step 18: "Project begins - screening, enrollment…."