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FAQs: MyChart access for teens and their proxies

Adolescence is a time of physical change, growing responsibility and increased independence. Teaching teens how to advocate for themselves and ask the right questions is an important milestone. Access to VCU Health MyChart is a helpful step for teens to begin managing their health and health information. Learn more in the FAQs below.

Patients ages 13 – 17 can:

  • Create their own VCU Health MyChart account using their own personal email or cell phone number; parents cannot create an account on behalf of their teen child
  • Control their parent/guardian’s level of access to their health information – either full or message only access

Why does CHoR allow teens to control access to their medical records?

CHoR complies with state laws (§54.1-2969) related to patient privacy and access to health information. These laws aim to help teens by giving them a safe place to seek care in times of crisis, protecting their sensitive health information and encouraging them to be an active participant in their health care. The following four health care categories are protected under Virginia law:

  • Birth control
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Mental health

Why is it important for teens to have privacy?

It’s important that teens talk openly and honestly with us about their health care. Adolescents who are afraid of a parent’s reaction to their decisions or behavior may withhold information from their care team, which results in teens not getting the help they may need.

We are committed to partnering with teens and parents to provide the best care while helping teens transition to adulthood.

What level of access can my teen grant me in MyChart?

Full proxy access

  • Access to all features of MyChart, including messaging, appointments, billing, test/lab results, health summaries and more
  • In compliance with Virginia law, full proxy access does NOT include access to four types of sensitive health information, including sexually transmitted diseases, mental health, birth control and substance abuse

Message only access

  • Message with your child’s current providers
  • In compliance with Virginia law, providers will not message with proxies about four types of sensitive health information, including STDs, mental health, birth control and substance abuse

No proxy access

  • Parents/guardians cannot access their child’s MyChart unless their teen grants them access

Do other hospitals and health care systems in Virginia allow teens to manage access to MyChart?

Yes. CHoR and other health systems offer MyChart access to allow teens to restrict proxy access in compliance with Virginia law.

What if my teenage child has special needs and is unable to make their own medical decisions?

A special team of providers will review their chart and determine if it’s necessary for a proxy to have full access. If approved, the parent will be given full parent access. Please talk to your child’s provider to initiate this process if you feel it’s necessary.

I have proxy access to my 12-year-old’s MyChart. What will happen when they turn 13?

When your child turns 13 they will need to create their own MyChart account and determine the level of access they want to grant you – either full access, messaging only or no access at all.

What happens when teens turn 18?

Proxy access will be terminated; however, your adult child can still grant you proxy access through a new form.

I need a printed copy of my child’s medical record. How can I get access?

Parents and legal guardians can request medical records through our Health Information Management office. You’ll receive everything in your child’s record except for the four categories protected under Virginia law and mentioned above.

My child opted not to give me proxy access so I can’t see bills in MyChart. Who is responsible for my child’s medical bills?

MyChart doesn’t impact billing processes. Parents/guardians are typically the party responsible for any bills after insurance is applied.

Can I pick up my child’s prescriptions if I don’t have full MyChart access?

Yes! You can still pick up prescriptions at the CHoR pharmacy or other pharmacies. You will not be able to request refills or review medications in MyChart, but you can always call us to request refills.

How does my child grant me proxy access?

View step by step directions at or ask your health care team for more information.

I still have questions. Who should I talk to?

We’re here to help! Please speak to your child’s doctor or health care team member during your next visit. We can review options, answer questions and help you navigate MyChart.