Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Reducing pain in the hospital

Reducing pain in the hospital

Pain reducing tips provided by the pain committee at Children's Hospital.

Art therapy

Art therapists offer a variety of art supplies and therapeutic art projects. This service is arranged through the Hospital Education Program. Ask child life for more information.

Child life

These child development specialists provide support and age-appropriate explanation of hospitalization as well as a large array of developmentally stimulating toys and diversion activities.

Dog therapy

Specially trained Dogs on Call can visit your room when available. Ask child life for more information.

Guided imagery

A child life specialist can educate you and your child on the benefits of guided imagery as well as provide a selection of useful guided imagery scripts

Ice and/or heat packs

Application of either ice or heat can provide relief by encouraging blood flow or helping reduce pain from inflammation. Your nurse can provide these items as needed. 


An iPad can be borrowed for a period of time with a prearranged selection of highly rated apps designed to provide diversion as well as education on guided imagery, meditation, and pain awareness. 


A certified infant massage educator can work with your child and teach caregivers gentle touch/massage strokes.

Music therapy

Music therapists conduct both one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions with a wide selection of musical instruments. These services are arranged through Arts in Hospital and the Hospital Education Program. Ask child life for more information.

Positioning pillows

Child life can provide a variety of pillow shapes for supporting parts of the body, alleviating pressure or hugging for comfort.

Physical and occupational therapy consults

These consults can provide exercises and movements designed to enhance mobility and encourage muscle development. 

Soothing music

Ask child life or your nurse for a CD player and CDs, or a computer on wheels to access music via the web.

White noise/nature sound machine

Ask a child life specialist for a small portable machine that can be used at the bedside.