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Reducing pain in the hospital

Reducing pain at home

Pain reducing tips provided by the pain committee at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU.


Movements designed to enhance mobility and encourage muscle development and flexibility. Consider low impact exercises such as yoga, walking, biking or swimming.*

Guided imagery

There are a number of wonderful children's books, CDs, and apps that can help guide you and your child through comforting, soothing and pleasant scenarios. You can also easily create your own by talking in detail about happy memories with your child.

Ice and/or heat packs

Application of either ice or heat can provide relief by encouraging blood flow or helping to reduce pain from inflammation. 

Listening to music/sound machine

Choose music that is soothing for your child. They may choose music that represents how they are feeling currently and transition to music of how they want to feel.


Firm strokes help relax muscles and increase blood flow. Gentle touch by a trusted loved one can be comforting.*

Pet therapy

Spending time with your pet can help reduce anxiety, tension and encourage relaxation.

Play diversion

Encourage your child to do something they enjoy, whether drawing, journaling or playing games. Remind them it's OK to take breaks when needed. Play can do wonders for taking one's mind off of pain.

Positioning pillows

Use different shaped pillows for supporting parts of the body, alleviating pressure or hugging for comfort.*

Positive thinking

Work with your child on re-framing negative thoughts into positive ones, remind them of how strong they are, what they have overcome in the past, and celebrate any successes - no matter how small!


Encourage your child to take deep/slow breaths, or blow bubbles or a pinwheel for meditation and muscle relaxation.

*For your child's safety and comfort, always check with the doctor or nurse before using these options.