Campaign Ideas

Campaign Ideas

There are nearly endless possibilities for involvement, and the Children’s Hospital Foundation staff is here to support your efforts every step of the way. We encourage you, your business, or your school to get involved and be as creative as you can be! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Penny Drive

Put a donation collection canister (Children's Hospital Foundation can provide if needed) out at your place of business or at home and collect spare change donations. If you are fundraising in a school, consider giving each class a canister and create a friendly competition between classrooms or grade levels to have a race to see who can fill their can the fastest. This is one of the most popular fundraisers within our Change For Children Campaign!

Break the Dress Code Day

Office workers, students or teachers can make a donation to break the dress code for a day. It could be hats, pajamas, school spirit attire, or anything you want!

Event Collections

Ask for donations at any event, including sporting events, school theater productions, open houses, and many others. Children’s Hospital Foundation can provide the donation canisters if needed.

Administrative Make-Over

Allow students to organize a school-wide competition to raise money, and the class with the most money is allowed to give an administrator a make-over.

School Dance

Find a teacher or administrator that loves music and ask that they bring in their iPod for a school dance, and charge $1 for students to attend.

Parking Spot Give-Away

Raffle off the best parking spot outside your business or school and allow the winning person to use it for a designated period of time.


Schools can consider hosting a walk/run during gym class, and have students get donations or pledges to see how many laps they can go.

Car Wash

Host a free car wash and ask people to give donations instead of paying to get their car washed.

Movie Night

Host a movie night at your school on a big screen and charge per person. Invite students and their families to attend. You could also have a concession stand to raise even more money!

Interested in completing a service, graduation, or senior project?

Children’s Hospital Foundation is happy to partner with students and their advisors on individual student projects that raise money for the Change for Children Campaign. We encourage students to work with their advisors to develop a unique project that accomplishes your goals while also helping the patients at our hospital. All projects must be approved by the Foundation prior to their start. Please contact us by returning this Partnership Form or by calling the Foundation at (804) 228-5827.

Because of patient privacy and infection control regulations, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU does not allow visits to patient rooms or engage in hands-on activities with patients. However, we do share news about the wonderful contributions made by area students with patients and their families. Once a project is completed, students are welcome to visit the hospital to present a check to the Foundation and take a photograph in our main lobby. Tours are also available by appointment.