Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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I'm Unstoppable

Kids are unstoppable. Our mission is to help them stay that way. From casts to cancer, from simple to complex, we are unconditionally committed to nurturing the champion in every child.


age 2.5

She’s got boundless energy, an unwavering smile and a newly mended heart. Thanks to a minimally invasive procedure to fix the hole in her heart, she was back at home singing, playing and being a typical toddler the next day.


age 8

Asher was born with spastic cerebral palsy, but he lives with an undeniable force that rivals any superhero! A specialized neurosurgical procedure – selective dorsal rhizotomy – helps Asher stand taller, run faster and break through any barrier in his way.


age 6

From casts to cancer, from simple to complex, we’re here to give kids the best shot at a healthy future. For Keimonte, that meant helping him put the kapow to cancer!


age 7

Kelly may have been born with spina bifida, but she lives with unstoppable boldness. With our help to build strength and mobility, and her own grit and determination, she’s leaving spina bifida in the dust.


age 4

Looking at little Nico running, talking and always on the move today, you’d never imagine his scary start to life. He was the youngest baby to receive a lifesaving infusion of a new drug at CHoR to combat his spinal muscular atrophy. His energy today is unmatched!

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