Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

I'm Unstoppable

At Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, we nurture the champion in every child. We fight the forces that threaten them—however complex the condition or elusive the cure. We practice with rigor and love, to restore young bodies, minds and spirits with the tenacity to take on the world.

This is what being unstoppable is all about.

Strong likeKeimonte

age 6

From casts to cancer, from simple to complex, we’re here to give kids the best shot at a healthy future. For Keimonte, that meant helping him put the kapow to cancer!

Unstoppable likeKelly

age 7

Kelly may have been born with spina bifida, but she lives with unstoppable boldness. With our help to build strength and mobility, and her own grit and determination, she’s leaving spina bifida in the dust.

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Tough likeJessica

age 17

With the right team of specialists in her corner, Jessica’s health is unstoppable. Together, we took on the spinal cord lipomas threatening her future – and won.

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Brave likeJosiah

age 8

Chronic kidney disease often means doctor’s visits and dialysis. For Josiah, it meant finding the one thing he needed to become absolutely unstoppable: a new kidney.

A doctor like Andi

age 5

Andi adores the surgeon who saved her life during her battle with kidney cancer. When she’s not playing princess, Andi’s in her pink scrubs and stethoscope – dreaming of someday becoming an unstoppable surgeon too.

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