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At Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, we nurture the champion in every child. We fight the forces that threaten them—however complex the condition or elusive the cure. We practice with rigor and love, to restore young bodies, minds and spirits with the tenacity to take on the world.

This is what playing to win is all about.


age 5

From casts to cancer, from simple to complex, we give our all to give kids like Keimonte the best shot at a healthy future.

Keimonte plays to win

AUBREY Plays To Win

age 2

What does a mended heart sound like? It sounds strong. Rhythmic. Alive. Actually, it sounds miraculous. Because that’s what happens when we—and the children like Aubrey whose lives depend on us—play to win.

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Aubrey plays to win

JESSICA Plays To Win

age 16

We have this to say about spinal cord lipomas: they are our enemy. We will find them. We will go after them. And we will do everything in our power to beat them for kids like Jessica.

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Jessica plays to win

JOSIAH Plays To Win

age 7

A kid with chronic kidney disease is still just a kid. So even as we discuss treatment plans, we talk about what they want to talk about. Meanwhile, behind the scenes we’re performing transplants and fighting for their future with everything we’ve got.

Josiah plays to win

KELLY Plays To Win

age 6

Spina bifida doesn’t stand a chance against courageous kids like Kelly. While we help them gain strength and mobility, they teach us about grit and determination. Because standing or sitting tall is what playing to win is all about.

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Kelly plays to win