Week of the Nurse 2022: Healing in mind and hope at heart
May 09, 2022
CHoR patient looking up at nurse smiling

    Week of the Nurse 2022: Healing in mind and hope at heart

    Whether they’re orchestrating lifesaving measures or helping patients feel better through their gentle touch and kind words, nurses are the nucleus of caring for kids at CHoR.

    “From new grads to seasoned nurses with 30+ years of experience, outpatient settings to the pediatric intensive care unit – our nurses bring a variety of perspectives to CHoR. One thing they all share though is a passion for providing the best care for kids, day and night,” said Donna Johnson, AVP/ACNO for women’s and children’s health. “I am honored to wake up every morning ready to serve and support our great team. Our patients, teammates, families and communities depend on our nursing team, and they come through with flying colors every single day, making every moment and every interaction count.”

    This Week of the Nurse, we thank our nursing team – and ALL nurses – for your passion, compassion, expertise and commitment to your patients and profession.

    A special surprise for some CHoR nurses

    We asked the people who know them best to share some surprise messages for a few of our nurses. Hear what they had to say.

    Read the stories of patients whose lives have been changed by care at CHoR.

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