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Tour de CHoR: Take a virtual tour of the new Children’s Pavilion!
February 16, 2016
Tour de CHoR: Take a virtual tour of the new Children’s Pavilion!

The grand opening of our new outpatient Children’s Pavilion is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! The Children’s Pavilion will consolidate outpatient services under one roof. Everything from clinics and diagnostic testing to same-day surgery and dialysis. The Pavilion experience is designed to be convenient, while providing a welcoming environment for children to find healing, hope and happiness.

The Pavilion is stacked with features created with families in mind, like 600 parking spaces, a Sibling Center, and an outdoor Sky Terrace. But change always requires a little adjustment, and with the excitement of opening a new Children’s Pavilion may come some anxiety about how to get around. We’ve created a special website to help patients and families get to know the new building.

Without further ado, welcome to the virtual version of the new Children’s Pavilion. Come on in!

Exploring the new Children’s Pavilion

We all think in  different ways, so we’ve provided several ways to navigate the Pavilion site. You can search or go immediately to your desired location on the navigation menu, manually explore level by level using the brightly-colored diagram, or you can use the “popular paths” tool.

Navigation menu

The navigation menu allows you to explore the building in a list format or search for specific destinations. Simply scroll through the list and select your desired floor or location, or use the search bar at the top to quickly find what you need. The navigation menu also provides links to:


Exploring by level

To explore the Children’s Pavilion by floor or level, simply scroll through the page with your arrow keys or mouse (on a desktop/laptop) or swipe up and down with your finger (smart phone and tablet). You can select your desired level and explore! This is a great way to really get a feel for the entire building, and we’re eager for you to check out some of the interesting features and spaces on each level! (Can you find the interactive walls and floor?)

Popular paths

Check out the Popular Paths section for step by step directions to the busiest destinations within the Pavilion. Check bask as these paths will change over time based on what areas people visit most on the site. Click on Popular Paths at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to open a list of destinations. Select a destination and follow the directions by clicking the next arrow.

Points of interest

White teardrop-shaped icons designate different points of interest (POIs) which include clinical spaces as well as amenities like the Sky Terrace and interactive walls. When you click on a POI, an information bar will appear with a detailed description of the area. In some cases you’ll find photos or videos related to the area as well as links to helpful content, like a list of team members.

Opening March 21!

The grand opening of the Children’s Pavilion is quickly approaching! We hope this tool will help prepare you for your first visit with us, giving you the information and directions you need.

Enjoy exploring the new Pavilion!

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