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Thank you, CHoR nurses!
May 07, 2024
Male nurse talking to a pediatric patient in hospital gown and cap

    Hospitals and health care clinics would be lost without them. Patients and colleagues would sorely miss their compassion and skill. We’re talking about nurses, and this is their week to shine!

    While we appreciate our nurses every day, we’re giving them a special shoutout for National Nurses Week. Nurses across our inpatient and outpatient locations have a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. We’re introducing you to a few who help make sure our kids get nothing but the best.

    Meet some of our undeniably awesome nurses at CHoR

    Cathy Booker, RN – Transitional Care Unit

    CHoR nurse Cathy BookerHow long have you been a nurse?
    I have been a nurse for 51 years. I started out as a nurses aid back in the 1970s. 

    Why did you become a pediatric nurse?
    I had worked with adults for approximately 8 years and then I left to join the Army. When I came back there were no openings for adults and human resources suggested pediatrics. That has been my calling because kids are so loving and caring. 

    Is there a moment from your career that stands out to you?
    There have been many moments, but the one I remember the most is when a child was in cardiac arrest. The family was familiar with me because I took care of their child and they wanted my reassurance. I hugged them and cried with them and fortunately their child was okay.

    You spend most days caring for others – how do you care for yourself?
    I go to church, walk, travel and hang out with the grand kids. 

    Jenna Davis, LPN – Transitional Care Unit

    CHoR nurse Jenna Davis with her husband and two children on the beachHow long have you been a nurse?
    I have been a nurse since 2016 and in pediatrics since 2018 when I started on the Transitional Care Unit at the Brook Road Campus.

    Why did you become a pediatric nurse?
    I decided to become a pediatric nurse after witnessing the strength and tenacity that children have, especially children with complex medical needs.

    Is there a moment from your career that stands out to you?
    I can honestly say there isn't one memory that stands out to me, but a series of them. A series of memories of seeing some of our most fragile kids getting to do things some people would have deemed impossible, some of our patients defying the odds and thriving years past their "expected life expectancy," graduating high school, etc. Those are the memories I hold onto every day and use to help push myself to do better, be better. If they can do it despite their restrictions, I can do it. 

    You spend most days caring for others – how do you care for yourself?
    My life definitely isn't all work and no play. I have my husband, Justin, and two kids, Foster and Lane, who keep me busy. I love spending time outdoors and watching my kids participate in so many different activities. I am an avid reader. If I can read by a body of water, that is simply the best. 

    Hannah Humrich, RN – Emergency Department

    CHoR nurse Hannah Humrich outsideHow long have you been a nurse?
    I have been a nurse for 6.5 years.

    Why did you become a pediatric nurse?
    Because kids are truly the coolest! They are so much fun. Their resilience always inspires me. They remind me to have fun, and not take life too seriously. I love that my job is to help kids and their families during some of their hardest moments. 

    Is there a moment from your career that stands out to you?
    When I decided to transition from the PICU to the pediatric emergency department. I started my career as a patient care tech during nursing school, where I learned the ins and outs of critical care. The staff and patients in the PICU made me the nurse I am today. Taking the leap to the emergency department was just as exciting as it was scary. I wanted to learn a new skill set and experience a new patient population. Being in the new Children’s Tower has been so rewarding. Even though I’m in a different unit now I still feel so close to the PICU team. At the end of the day, we’re all here for the kids. 

    You spend most days caring for others - how do you care for yourself?
    I love music, eating, traveling and anything outdoors. I have the best support system in the world who makes me feel cared for every day. 

    Ashley Rozario, RN – Acute Care Pediatrics

    CHoR nurse Ashley RozarioHow long have you been a nurse?
    I have been a nurse for 15 months now, but it feels like a lot longer. 

    Why did you become a pediatric nurse?
    I became a pediatric nurse because I have always wanted to work with children. I used to tell my family that I wanted to be a pediatrician. I know now that I will never go to medical school, so this is the next best thing! 

    Is there a moment from your career that stands out to you?
    We are working with chronically ill children all the time. One moment that stands out to me is the time we had a dance party with a patient. He was nonverbal and had numerous lines and drains, but the moment I put the music on, he tried to "shake it." So, a couple of nurses, a care partner and I had the best time dancing! Truly helped all of us get through the day that day. 

    You spend most days caring for others – how do you care for yourself?
    I unplug from the world sometimes. I try and get massages or spend time with family. Sometimes I allow myself to just be alone. I recharge by either being surrounded by people or being alone. 

    Jocy Vuiller, RN – Children’s Pavilion, Cardiology and Pulmonology

    CHoR nurse Jocy VuillerHow long have you been a nurse?
    I have been a nurse for a little more than 2 years. Prior to that, I worked in marketing for a fun, local agency. After a few years of contemplation and reflection, I made the decision to dedicate my career to the care of others (with the intent of focusing on pediatrics) and was accepted into nursing school. Last year, I reached the goal I had set out to do and accepted my current position as a pediatric RN at CHoR. 

    Why did you become a pediatric nurse?
    There are so many reasons why I wanted to become a pediatric nurse, the main reason being I adore kids! I find it very easy to communicate with children, probably because I am just a big kid myself. I have two children of my own, so I can keep up with most topics and interests in conversation – Pokémon, Star Wars, Disney, you name it. I have always been a very maternal person. My own siblings are several years younger than me and I grew up taking care of them just as much as my parents did. Additionally, I thrive on connections with people and building relationships. Pediatric nursing allows me to work with kids as well as their families, taking care of their needs and helping them through whatever situation they are going through. I absolutely love being a pediatric nurse, and I honestly can't picture myself doing anything else! 

    Is there a moment from your career that stands out to you?
    I would say there are many moments that stand out to me since becoming a pediatric nurse. Coming to a physician's office can be a scary thing for kids, as well as their parents. The most memorable moments for me are the little things. It's seeing the happiness in a child's eyes when you finish rooming them and they get a sticker for their efforts. It's calming the fear within a child when you are about to give them an injection, then they thank you for it after. It's hearing the joy in a parent's voice when you tell them the result of a sweat test was negative. All of these moments fill my cup and provide validation for why I chose this career of pediatric nursing. 

    You spend most days caring for others – how do you care for yourself?
    Self-care is so important, and I try to incorporate it into my routine as much as possible. One way I care for myself is quality sleep. I have always been a person that needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep, so I do get to bed at a decent time each night. I also enjoy massage therapy, which helps me relax. I usually do a couple minutes of deep breathing and meditation/prayer each day. Lastly, spending time in the evenings with my family (my husband, two young sons and two fur-babies) is my favorite way to care for myself and to wind down from the day. 

    Thank you to these and all of our nurses for choosing CHoR and caring for kids so well.

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