Pavilion fun: Exploring elements of nature
September 22, 2016
Pavilion fun: Exploring elements of nature

    Our new Children’s Pavilion was designed for better coordination of care and easy navigation for families, but creating a positive and comforting environment was also a major focus of the interior design. Elements of nature found in our community are incorporated in unique ways throughout the building, adding some kid-friendly fun to the overall design.

    “The overall design concept for the building is derived from nature to include water, forest and sky,” said Leslie Hanson, principal architect on the project designed by HKS Inc., in a Richmond-Times Dispatch article about the opening of the Pavilion. “The James River running through this region of Richmond plays an integral role to the concept being used in the building, blending the exterior and interior experience together,” she said.

    The design features of the Pavilion visually connect guests to plants, animals and landscapes unique to the city of Richmond. The James River and its wooded surroundings offered a rich, vibrant source of inspiration. Many of these elements are incorporated into the building’s artwork, photo murals of scenes around the James River, and interactive nature-themed displays. These concepts are further highlighted in the Pavilion’s outdoor Sky Terrace which provides a place for outdoor play, exploration and relaxation.

    According to senior interior designer Laura Hild, these nature-themed design elements were specially chosen to “create a less-stressful environment” and to provide “positive distractions at key moments” for visitors walking to and from their destinations.

    I-spy pavilion nature hunt

    We encourage you to explore the special surprises and elements of nature our new building has to offer, and we’ve put together a fun way to keep track of everything you find! Hunting for items on the I-Spy Nature Hunt can be a fun activity before or after your next appointment. Kids can bring their completed list to the Sky Lobby information desk for a special reward.* Download a PDF here or check your mailbox for the latest issue of Tid*Bits for a handy tear off. Happy nature hunting!

    *While supplies last

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