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My VCU Health patient portal access now available for teens 13+
December 14, 2018
My VCU Health patient portal access now available for teens 13+

Adolescence is a time of physical change, growing responsibility and increased independence. Teaching adolescents how to advocate for themselves and ask the right questions is an important milestone – and we can help! Read more about how we are empowering teens with NEW access to our My VCU Health patient portal.

Q: What is My VCU Health?

A: My VCU Health is our patient portal, a free and easy tool that allows patients to:

  • Request prescription refills
  • View and request appointments
  • View medications, allergies, immunizations and select lab results
  • Send secure messages to your health care providers
  • View and download depart summaries (information from recent appointments)

There’s even an app for that! Download HealtheLife for faster access via your smart phone.

Q: What’s new with teen access to My VCU Health?

A: We are committed to partnering with teens and parents to provide the best care while helping teens transition to adulthood.

For teens: Children under 13 do not have access to the portal. When an adolescent turns 13 they can gain access to their health information via the portal.

For parents/guardians: You can gain proxy access that allows you to secure message with your teen’s health care providers. Due to privacy regulations and the teen’s right to care, providers will not be able to message with parents about sensitive health information including reproductive health care, outpatient substance abuse treatment and outpatient mental health care.

Q: I currently have proxy access to my 12-year-old’s portal. What will happen when she turns 13?

A: When she turns 13 your proxy access will be reduced to secure messaging only. You’ll be able to communicate with your child’s health care team about questions and results that are not covered by privacy regulations.

Q: How does my teen get an invitation to join the portal? How can I request proxy access?

A: You can request an invitation from a clinic team member during your next appointment. You’ll receive an email invitation with instructions on how to create your account.

Overhead Shot Of Woman Holding Smart PhoneQ: What happens when my teen turns 18?

A: Proxy access will be terminated. If they’d like, your teen can invite you by signing a consent form to have a proxy as an adult. Proxy access for adults allows the proxy to view the entire portal.

Q: What if my teenage child has special needs and is unable to make their own medical decisions?

A: This process is the same for children of all ages. The proxy can request an invitation. Proxies for children who cannot consent due to medical reasons will have full access to the portal. A doctor will review the request before it is approved.

Q: What if I still have questions?

A: We encourage you to speak with your doctor or a patient access representative during your next visit.

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