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Kids Come First Files: Life-changing care for Harlan and his dad
December 05, 2017

Our patients inspire us each and every day. Our latest addition to the Kids Come First Files blog series comes from Harlan’s mom, Summer. She wanted to thank our nurses after what the family expected to be a routine trip to the Children’s Pavilion ended in life-changing care for Harlan, and his dad.


I’m am so thankful to be able to share the wonderful experience I had while we visited the Children’s Pavilion. This may be lengthy but please bear with me!

In September my son broke his arm severely. We were recommended to come to the CHoR ER. We had a great ER experience and we were recommended to see Dr. Joanna Horstmann. She is a wonderful doctor, very kind and knowledgeable. My son ended up needing surgery on his arm. The first surgery was to insert a rod into the arm. Therefore, we ended up in the Children’s Pavilion in the surgical area on the 2nd floor.

Our nurse we had that day was Kaitlin. She was honestly the best nurse I’ve experienced ever. Her compassion, knowledge and kind spirit are one of a kind. She treated my son as if he were her own child. She talked to my husband and me and kept us from being frightened or nervous, answered any questions we had, and kept us extremely informed of what was happening that day. She went above and beyond her job that day for us.

Harlan Periop UnitShe brought various items to entertain my son, and items to comfort him. Anything we asked she did with a smile. She also had a great sense of humor and kept everything happy. After the procedure she was absolutely on top of everything such as pain meds, upset tummy situations, basically anything you could expect after a surgical procedure was taken care of by her. She is so great.

I ask that you please recognize this nurse for her exceptional care and compassion. She did not have to do as much as she did for us. I will always remember her for her kind care and love for her job that showed. She is an exceptional nurse and deserves to know so!! I would also now like to share our next experience.

About a month later my son needed the rod removed so back to the Children’s Pavilion! This morning in particular my husband was not well at all, but we ignored it and went about our morning. Shortly after my son was being prepped in the pre op room, my husband fell very ill. He blacked out in the room and I went and told the nurses at the station I needed help, my husband is very sick. Every nurse immediately jumped up and rushed into the room to help. They started checking his vitals, got him a bed to lay on, and stabilized him. Once again these nurses went above and beyond their job to help us. Obviously my son and I were terrified and quite upset. They brought my son various comfort items and sat with him and my husband to calm everyone down. They quickly called an ambulance, which took my husband to the VCU ER. My husband had a severe blockage in his kidney from stones and needed surgery. I am so thankful for these nurses that day stabilizing my husband and for their quick care. They prevented things getting worse for my husband.

I kindly ask that you please recognize these nurses. I have been to many hospitals, and I can confidently say that CHoR has the best staff and nurses around. I have never seen nurses work together and preform their job so well. The nurses on the 2nd floor of the Children’s Pavilion pre/post op area have truly touched my heart, and my family’s heart. I will never forget them for what they have done for us. I also have never seen a group work so quickly and professionally in an emergency situation. They are truly one of a kind. I have filled out forms for “the Daisy Award” but anything extra that can be done to award them, and show them the deep appreciation they deserve would be wonderful. They deserve any kind of award and recognition. I have been so pleased with CHoR. Hands down the best.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to share my story. My experience was exceptional, and with all the negativity in the world it is good to share some good. Thank you once again.

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