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Health heroes activity book: Corny jokes and fun activities to encourage healthy habits
January 06, 2021
Health heroes activity book: Corny jokes and fun activities to encourage healthy habits

    Looking to start the New Year off on a healthy foot? Lettuce help with this activity book!

    The Health Heroes activity book, developed by our Healthy Lifestyles Center, is packed with tips and tools to remind kids about nutritious food choices and daily practices to keep them feeling and functioning their best.

    Health heroes: healthy habits coloring book for kidsThe book’s 12 pages include:

    • Funny fruit and veggie jokes – Who doesn’t love a good knock-knock joke?
    • Tips for getting active and encouraging power-packed food and beverage choices
    • Word games to give the brain a workout
    • Spaces for drawing and coloring

    Facts and fun to keep health heroes strong and healthy

    Have fun reviewing the book together as a family by downloading and printing, or using Microsoft Paint or another coloring app. Older kids and adolescents just may have a good time with it too!

    Talk about the health hero foods and activities you’d like to try and then incorporate them into your daily routines. You’ll find health tips hidden among the fun, including:

    • Eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables each day.
    • Limit sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda, punch and sports drinks.
    • Be active for 60 minutes each day.
    • Get at least 9-12 hours of sleep every night.
    • Eat meals as a family with screens off.

    The Health Heroes activity book was developed with generous support from Kohl’s Cares, a program dedicated to the health and well-being of communities nationwide.

    Get started by downloading your Health Heroes activity book

    Download your own book

    Share with friends and extended family as well. The more health heroes, the better!

    Chips and sweets can’t make you laugh. Choose veggies instead.

    Additional resources for developing healthy habits

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