Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Hands-on prep and practice in the new Children’s Tower
March 01, 2023
CHoR team smiling with foam fingers

    59 days until the Children’s Tower opens

    A month ago, teams gathered for the first time to run through practice scenarios in the nearly complete Children’s Tower. March 1 marked the second of these day-in-the-life exercises that allow the teams that will care for patients in the new space to orient themselves and try to “poke holes” in the systems so they can be fixed before opening day on April 30.

    CHoR ED doctor and nurse wheeling patient down hallBefore the teams headed to their respective work zones in the emergency department, pediatric intensive care unit, acute care unit, post anesthesia care unit, operating rooms and imaging space, hospital leaders shared some important words with them.

    • “This beautiful new building will give us a lift in caring for our patients, but the real magic is in the people,” said Jeniece Roane, RN, vice president of operations. “Your care – for your patients and each other – really is the magic. Be the magic.”
    • “Why do I get up and come here every day? There are lots of things that only happen in this hospital, things only we can do,” said David Lanning, MD, associate chief medical officer. “This building is an incredible tool we’re going to have to help care for our patients. The kids will feel it when they come in. Parents will feel it. We’ll feel it. We’re blessed to have this Children’s Tower. It’s been a long time coming.”
    • “What’s your why,” asked Elias Neujahr, president. “To do this together is special. There’s nothing better than a group that makes it happen and this is all poured into our families who will be coming here for care.”

    Many people and processes create the best care for kids

    CHoR team discusses mock patient scenario in Children's TowerWith issues raised during last month’s day-in-the-life exercises already addressed, more than 120 CHoR team members returned to further test systems, processes and workflows.

    “Each little process builds up to a really great experience for our patients. We have to remember that as we go through the exercises and meetings to prepare for opening the Children’s Tower,” said Matt Schefft, DO, physician liaison for the Children’s Tower build. “It’s been a dream to have this hospital. To have this space for our children and see it come to life is incredibly exciting.”

    There is another day-in-the-life experience scheduled in April – and many more meetings and trainings – so everyone is comfortable and confident in continuing to provide the best care in a new environment.

    Celebrate the new Children’s Tower at our community block party

    Want to see what all the excitement is about? Join us for family entertainment, interactive stations, ambulance tours, kid-friendly snacks and more on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

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