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Department of Pediatrics awards day 2017
June 09, 2017
Department of Pediatrics awards day 2017

Before bidding farewell to this year’s graduating pediatric residents and fellows, we took an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and achievements of all of our future pediatric doctors over the past year.

Congratulations to the following award recipients, who were honored at this week’s ceremony:

Kyle Trowbridge, MD

David Draper Award recognizes a pediatrics or medicine-pediatrics intern who exemplifies Dr. Draper’s professionalism, excellent patient care and dedication to clinical education by serving as a role model for their colleagues and students.

Megan Coe, MD

The Louise Robertson Award is given to a second year resident who exemplifies Dr. Robertson’s love of teaching. This resident has shown patience and understanding in her ability to teach medical students and fellow residents.

Kristina Prus, MD

The Radiology Award recognizes a pediatrics or medicine-pediatrics resident for their academic excellence and interest in radiology.

Anna Choe, MD and Meaghan Moxley, MD

The Endocrine Award is presented annually to the resident who best exemplifies the character, honesty, teaching excellence and scientific presence of Charles Edward Brown-Sequard, who was one of the founding fathers of endocrinology and a faculty member at Medical College of Virginia.

Nehal Thakkar, MD

The House Award of Excellence in Hospital Medicine is given annually to the senior resident who demonstrates the qualities of an outstanding hospitalist, including exceptional leadership and teaching skills, a family-centered approach to patient care, excellent clinical reasoning and judgment with a focus on evidence-based practice, advocacy and a systems-based approach to care.

Natalie Allen, MD – *double award winner

The William Tate Graham Neonatal Medicine Award is given to a senior resident who represents the highest dedication to quality care, empathy and concern for the special needs of neonatal patients and families.

The Martin Hoffman Memorial Award is presented to the senior resident who most represents empathy, interest in teaching, quality care and concern for patients.

Charlotte McKnight, MD

The Emily Gardner Memorial Award is given to the resident who exemplifies the dedication to their patients which Dr. Gardner showed during her practice of pediatrics in the Richmond community from 1930-1956.

Nada Mallick, MD and Amanda Schlak, MD

The Emily Gardner Chief Resident Awards are presented to the year’s chief residents in honor of their hard work and leadership.

Daniel Poliakoff, MD and Rozana Shahidullah, MD

Annual Resident Quality Improvement Award – Oral presentation for Quiet Please! Minimizing Night-time Sleep Disruptions in a Stable Inpatient Pediatric Population

Megan Lyle, DO, Jared Klein, MD and Jessica Cohen, MD

Annual Resident Quality Improvement Award – Poster presentation for Prevention and Management of Acute Chest Syndrome in Pediatric Sickle Cell Inpatients: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Emily Godbout, DO

Annual Resident Research Award – Oral presentation for Uropathogen Resistance Trends among Neonates, Infants and Children less than 2 Years

Cristin Kaspar, MD

Annual Resident Research Award – Poster presentation for Nephrology and Rheumatology Practice Patterns in Pediatric Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis: a Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium Study

In addition to these award winners, two pediatricians were honored for their excellence in teaching. Tiffany Kimbrough, MD received the Faculty Teaching Award and Margaret Campbell, MD earned the Michael M. Kannan Community Pediatrician Teaching Award. These two experts have helped this group of residents and fellows learn, grow and provide outstanding patient care over the past year.

We wish the entire 2017 graduating class the best of luck! Your future patients and their families are fortunate to have you providing skilled and compassionate care for their health needs.

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