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Celebrating our graduating pediatric residents and fellows
June 25, 2021
CHoR pediatric residents and fellows graduate

    Celebrating our graduating pediatric residents and fellows: The latest experts in caring for kids

    Our graduating residents and fellows have worked long days, late nights and early mornings. They’ve learned and laughed, struggled and celebrated. Today, we congratulate them and look forward to the positive difference they will make in the lives of their patients and families for years to come.

    “This has been an extraordinary experience. These graduates spent over half of their residency under the conditions of a worldwide pandemic. The gifts they have given along the way as they continued to perform in an excellent manner are immeasurable. They take with them a unique background and confidence that they can take on challenges great and small as they continue their training or begin their careers,” said Dr. Suzanne Lavoie, pediatric residency director.

    Congratulations to our residency and fellowship grads

    Pediatrics residents

    Shaikha Halas AlQahtani, MD
    Future plans: Pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship, Children’s Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson Cancer Center

    Imen Becetti, MD
    Future plans: Pediatric endocrinology fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital

    Sarah Daouk, MD
    Future plans: Infectious disease fellowship, UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

    Darina Dinov, DO
    Future plans: Child neurology fellowship, CHoR

    Katharine Hastings, MD
    Future plans: Pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship, CHoR

    Meredith Holmes, DO
    Future plans: Outpatient pediatrics

    Nadine Bilal, MD
    Future plans: Neonatal/perinatal medicine fellowship, University of Iowa

    Samson Makonnen, MD
    Future plans: Outpatient pediatrics

    Jose Anthony Millan, MD
    Future plans: General pediatrics

    Grace Mueller, MD
    Future plans: Pediatric chief resident, CHoR

    Belen Pappa, MD
    Future plans: General pediatrics

    Hiral Patel, DO
    Future plans: General pediatrics

    Emily Schapka, MD
    Future plans: Pediatric critical care fellowship, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

    Kemper Steffe, DO
    Future plans: General pediatrics, Annapolis Pediatrics

    Sara Taha, MD
    Future plans: Neonatal/perinatal medicine fellowship

    Michelle Wagner, MD
    Future plans: Pediatric chief resident, CHoR

    Internal medicine – pediatrics residents

    Michael Gower, MD, PhD
    Future plans: Hospital medicine

    Jean Lee, MD
    Future plans: Pulmonology fellowship, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

    Erica Peak, MD
    Future plans: Combined adult and pediatric infectious disease fellowship, VCU Health and CHoR


    Balraj Bajaj, MD – Allergy/Immunology
    Future plans: Allergy Partners of Richmond

    Christopher Schmehil, MD – Cardiology
    Future plans: Private practice, Yuma, AZ

    Jake Sequeira, MD – Critical Care Medicine
    Future plans: Geisinger Medical Center

    Adam Rossi, MD – Hematology/Oncology
    Future plans: Hospice and palliative care fellowship, VCU Health

    Katherine Donowitz, MD – Hospital Medicine
    Future plans: Hospitalist

    Desiree Garcia Alvarez, MD – Neonatology
    Future plans: South Dade Neonatology, Miami Children’s Hospital

    Miheret Yitayew, MD, MPH – Neonatology
    Future plans: Neonatologist, CHoR

    Michael T. Digirolamo, MD – Pulmonology
    Future plans: Pulmonologist

    Learn more about our outstanding pediatric residency and fellowship programs.

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