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Accredited sleep services help kids—and parents—rest easy
September 06, 2022
CHoR sleep tech Margie Sellers gets a patient ready for a sleep study

    A good night’s sleep is critical for kids’ developing brains and bodies, but it doesn’t always come easily. From snoring to sleepwalking, many things can disrupt quality sleep and leave kids feeling less than their best.

    Pediatric sleep center earns American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation

    Our sleep center helps children—from infants through the teen years, up to age 21—figure out the causes of their disrupted sleep and the best ways to get back to resting easily. The center, which recently moved to a new space on our Brook Road campus, has been accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. This is the gold standard by which families and medical providers can evaluate sleep medicine providers and take comfort in knowing they provide quality, patient-centered care.

    “Before we moved to our new center, we shared space and accreditation with VCU Health’s adult sleep center,” said Dr. Justin Brockbank, medical director for pediatric sleep medicine. “Our team has always been child-focused but having a space specifically designed for kids and families makes it easier to provide the best care.”

    Accreditation requires comprehensive sleep centers to meet specific criteria, including offering evaluation, management, in-center diagnostic sleep testing and home sleep apnea testing. Centers also must provide documentation that their care is of high quality, they follow the rigorous and evidence-based recommendations set by the AASM, they have a facility director who is a physician board certified in sleep medicine, there is at least one registered sleep technologist, and the space and technology meet the provided specifications.

    “The application process is meticulous and thorough, but that’s how they’re able to determine which centers meet the criteria for the distinguished accreditation,” said Margie Sellers, chief polysomnographic technologist. “I’m proud of our team not only for earning this recognition, but for its reflection of the great care we provide for our patients every day—and night!”

    Helping kids sleep soundly and stay healthy

    “Both the quantity and quality of sleep are essential for children to achieve maximal health,” said Dr. Shari Barkin, department chair of pediatrics and physician-in-chief of CHoR. “Our sleep medicine team is an essential component of child well-being. This accreditation, in addition to being a great accomplishment, highlights our full commitment to kids and their families.”

    It’s worth mentioning it to the pediatrician if your child takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep in the evening, wakes up multiple times throughout the night, has unusual behaviors during sleep, snores or gasps for breath when sleeping, or seems excessively tired during the day. The pediatrician may refer you to a sleep specialist to help get back on the right track for a restful night’s sleep.

    Learn about sleep services, including overnight sleep studies, at CHoR – the only dedicated pediatric sleep center in Central Virginia.

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