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A welcoming gift
May 14, 2021
Mr. and Mrs. Lutz

A welcoming gift from the Lutz family

Robin and Jake Lutz never needed the services of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU for their six children, who are now young adults, but the couple took comfort in knowing the hospital was here.

For the children and families who need us, the Lutzes recently donated $250,000 to the Wonder Tower’s capital campaign to name the registration desk in the Sky Lobby.

With a matching gift from Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Lutzes’ gift will make a $500,000 impact.

“We know how scary it can be to have a child who has a health issue,” Robin said. “We wanted the reception area to be a welcoming, caring place to start.”

For Jake, who had meningitis when he was five years old and spent two weeks in a hospital, which he remembers as “a scary place,” the registration desk showcases our welcoming, inviting environment and provides the opportunity to make “the right first impression for families and patients.”

A member of Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Senior Board since 2007, Robin has served as the auxiliary board’s president and an ex-officio member of the Foundation Board. She also is an active volunteer with the Senior Board’s fundraisers including the annual Words and Wisdom book and author event and the gift shop on our Brook Road Campus. Robin has enjoyed meeting patients, families and staff during the hundreds of hours she volunteers in the shop annually. She also enjoys wrapping gifts for residents of our Transitional Care Unit each December.

“Our gift is motivated by faith in how the money will be used and the benefit it will provide for so many,” Jake said. “It also is a special way to honor Robin for her loyalty, commitment and love for the children and the hospital’s mission.”

The Lutzes are excited to be part of CHoR’s history and shared their thoughts: “I would challenge anybody who is in a position to be able to help to do so,” Robin said. “Whether we’ll directly benefit or not, we are lining it up for future generations to be able to have this medical facility in Richmond. It’s such an honor and privilege to be part of this.”

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