A virtual send-off to this year’s talented class of graduating pediatric physicians
June 12, 2020
A virtual send-off to this year’s talented class of graduating pediatric physicians

    Congratulations to our graduating pediatric residents and fellows!

    Just like all 2020 grads, finishing residency and fellowship in the midst of a pandemic is not how our graduating class imagined the culmination of their years of hard work.

    pediatric residents and fellowsNonetheless, they celebrated their achievements in style – together, virtually – at a graduation ceremony over the weekend.

    This year’s graduates are sure to make outstanding contributions to the future of pediatric medicine – whether in faculty positions at CHoR, in community practices, or in faculty or specialty fellowship positions at other renowned hospitals.

    “One of our core missions as a medical school and Department of Pediatrics is to train students to become doctors, residents to become pediatricians, and fellows to become pediatric subspecialists. More than acquiring knowledge and skills to practice competently, we are obligated to model lifelong learning, compassion and kindness,” said Dr. Bruce Rubin, chair of the Department of Pediatrics. “We hope that they will be passionate warriors for equity and advocates for all causes that advance the health and wellbeing of children and their families. I am so proud that our graduates embrace these ideals and even in these difficult times, will make a difference in lives of many children. Our graduates are what it means to be CHoR.”

    A heartfelt congratulations and thanks to all of these talented physicians for allowing us to be part of their educational journeys.


    Future plans

    Natalie Allen, MD         

    Pediatric endocrinologist at Penn State Hershey

    Megan Coe, MD

    Hospitalist at Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Elizabeth Krieger, MD

    Bone marrow transplant and cellular therapies fellowship at University of Minnesota

    Aamir Bashir, MBBS

    Neonatologist at CoxHealth, Springfield, MO

    Farah Khan, MD

    Still planning


    Internal Medicine-Pediatric Residents

    Future plans

    Melody Bowen, MD

    Physician at Adult Primary Care, Atlanta, GA

    Karen Pereira, MD

    Med-peds hospitalist at Mary Washington Hospital

    Nicholas Rebhan, MD

    Pediatrics chief resident at CHoR

    George Thieroff III, MD

    Internal medicine hospitalist at VCU Health


    Pediatric Residents

    Future plans

    Charisse Carter, DO

    General pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters

    Brooke Farquhar, MD

    Pediatric pulmonology fellowship at CHoR

    William Cole Hawthorne, DO

    General pediatrician at RVA Pediatrics

    Aaron Heaberlin, MD

    General pediatrician at Premier Pediatrics, Brighton, CO

    Christopher Henry, MD

    Child neurology fellowship at CHoR

    Katelynn Hillman, MD

    General pediatrician at Capital Area Pediatrics

    Ryann Justice, MD

    Neonatology fellowship at CHoR

    Hannah Miller, MD

    Pediatrics chief resident at CHoR

    Ying Chen Moyer, DO

    General pediatrics

    Shoshana Newman-Lindsay, MD, MPH

    Neonatology fellowship at UC Davis Medical Center

    Alexandra Przybylo, MD

    General pediatrician at Capitol Pediatrics

    Chari Stump, MD

    General pediatrics

    Michael Sweetman, MD

    Gastroenterology fellowship at Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital

    Khalid Taha, MD

    Pediatric nephrology fellowship at British Columbia Children's Hospital in Vancouver

    Britany Weissman, MD

    General pediatrics


    We also applaud the graduation, accomplishments and bright futures of two of our pediatric emergency medicine fellows.

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows

    Future plans

    Ashley Litchfield, MD

    Pediatric emergency medicine physician at Marshall University in West Virginia

    Sarah Marrero-Medina, MD

    Pediatric emergency medicine physician at Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital of Bayamon


    “Dr. Marrero-Medina will be returning to Puerto Rico to join an academic hospital as one of only three pediatric emergency medicine physicians in a new division, where she will expand the expert care given in their pediatric emergency department, as well as further the education of the residents and students. Dr. Litchfield will be returning to West Virginia, where she will be the first fellowship-trained pediatric emergency physician in the entire state. She has been recruited to start the state’s first ever pediatric emergency department, at Marshall University, which will fundamentally elevate the care that the children of West Virginia receive,” said Dr. Frank Petruzella, chief of the Division of Pediatric Medicine. “The impact that our graduates will have on the world through the care of children and education of young physicians will be nothing short of enormous, and we couldn’t be prouder of them.”

    Awarding our teachers and learners

    While working, learning and balancing personal lives, during challenging times nonetheless, these superstars managed to shine brightly in all they did. Before bidding our graduating friends farewell, we recognized the remarkable work and achievements of our residents this past year at a virtual awards ceremony. Special congrats to the following award recipients.

    Intern of the Year David Draper Award: Meredith Mitchell, MD
    This award recognizes an intern who emulates Dr. Draper’s high standard of professionalism and patient care, promotes clinical education and serves as a role model for their colleagues and students.

    Louise Robertson Second Year Teaching Award: Christopher Henry, MD
    This award is given to a second year resident who exemplifies Dr. Robertson’s love of teaching. By example, this resident has shown patience and understanding in their ability to teach medical students and fellow residents.

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Intern Award: Meredith Mitchell, MD
    This award is given to the intern who has demonstrated overall excellence during their time in the Pediatric Emergency Department through their interest, knowledge, hard work and dedication to their patients.

    Endocrinology Award: Imen Becetti, MD
    This award is presented annually to the resident who best exemplifies the character, honesty, teaching excellence and scientific presence of Charles Edward Brown-Sequard, who was one of the founding fathers of endocrinology and a faculty member at Medical College of Virginia.

    House Award for Excellence in Hospital Medicine: Brooke Farquhar, MD
    This award is given annually to the senior resident who exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding hospitalist. The recipient demonstrates exceptional leadership and teaching skills, a family-centered approach to patient care, excellent clinical reasoning and judgment with a focus on evidence-based practice, advocacy and a systems-based approach to care.

    William Tate Graham Neonatal Medicine Resident Award: Cole Hawthorne, DO
    This award is given to a senior resident who represents the highest dedication to quality of care, empathy and concern for the special needs of patients and families.

    Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Resident of the Year Award: Melody Bowen, MD
    This award recognizes an outstanding resident who provides exceptional care across the lifespan by thoughtfully applying their knowledge of internal medicine to pediatrics and vice versa. The recipient is a role model who demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning, excellence in teaching and evidence-based medicine, and high standards of professionalism.

    Martin Hoffman Memorial Award: Brooke Farquhar, MD and Khalid Taha, MD
    This award is presented to a senior resident who most represents empathy, interest in teaching, quality care and concern for patients as a memorial and continuing reminder of Martin Hoffman’s fine qualities.

    Emily Gardner Memorial Award: Brooke Farquhar, MD
    This award is given in honor of Dr. Emily Gardner, who practiced pediatrics in the Richmond community from 1930-1956. It’s given each year to the resident who exemplifies the dedication to their patients that Dr. Gardner showed for many years.

    Emily Gardner Chief Resident Awards: Hannah Pitman, MD and Kyle Trowbridge, MD

    Faculty Teaching Award: Cristin Kaspar, MD, assistant professor
    This outstanding honor recognizes a faculty member for their teaching excellence. The recipient is chosen by the pediatric house staff as someone who exemplifies the high standards of teaching and professionalism the residents aspire to emulate. The residents described Dr. Kaspar as “committed, approachable, an exemplary role model and always ready to teach.”

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