Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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A look at TowneBank’s $250,000 donation to the Wonder Tower
June 22, 2022
TowneBank executives present check to CHoR's Elias Neujahr and VCU President Michael Rao

    A look at TowneBank’s $250,000 donation to the Wonder Tower

    An emergency department is often referred to as the front door of a hospital. It’s typically the first place you pass through when entering. The first place you encounter a helpful receptionist or a friendly nurse. The first place that lets you know, “you're safe, everything is going to be all right.”

    Through a generous $250,000 donation from TowneBank and an accompanying 100% match from Children’s Hospital Foundation, we’re closer to our fundraising goal for the new inpatient hospital.

    A loyal community partner with a commitment to kids

    Although this donation goes toward the hospital as a whole, the bank and financial services company was given the option of selecting a space for naming rights – and we’re thrilled that our new emergency department’s waiting area will bear the TowneBank name.

    “Ensuring that our children have access to world-class medical care is truly a gift to the whole community,” said Bob Aston, TowneBank executive chairman. “On top of our donation to the hospital, we take great pride in our connection to the emergency department waiting room, a place that should bring a sense of comfort and safety to children and families during difficult times.”

    Founded in Portsmouth in 1999, TowneBank has been a loyal partner of CHoR for years sponsoring events like the annual Children’s Hospital Foundation Ball and Words & Wisdom.

    “We are committed to serving others and enriching lives, especially when it comes to caring for the children of Virginia,” said Pat Collins, president of TowneBank Richmond. “The Wonder Tower is a space for kids to receive the medical care they need in an environment designed specifically for them. TowneBank could not be prouder to support the new facility and Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.”   

    A bigger, brighter emergency department for kids is on the way

    CHoR's Elias Neujahr and Dr. Frank Petruzella talk with TowneBank executivesAccording to Dr. Frank Petruzella, chief of pediatric emergency medicine, the emergency department will increase CHoR’s capacity to treat patients by almost a third. For perspective, the smallest room in the new facility will be bigger than the largest room in the current one.

    “These sorts of gifts really show that our community is behind the Wonder Tower and backs our mission to give the best possible care to kids,” said Petruzella. “We are hugely grateful for the contribution.”

    It’s support from friends such as TowneBank in our community that’s allowing us to begin a fresh chapter in CHoR’s storied 122-year history.

    Find out more about CHoR’s customized care for kids in our pediatric emergency department.

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