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5 tips for a great virtual health care visit
December 08, 2021
5 tips for a great virtual health care visit

    Getting started with telehealth

    Tips for a great remote health care visit 

    telehealth and telemedicine services tips

    1. Whether you’re seeing your pediatrician for a sick visit, doing weekly physical therapy or following up after a surgery, telehealth visits provide convenient access to our health care team. As of December 6, 2021, all telehealth visits will be conducted on the VCU Health MyChart app.

      Learn more and download the MyChart app

    2. Limit distractions as much as possible:

      • A quiet, well-lit area is best
      • We know some families are balancing the needs of multiple children – ask your other kids to quietly read, do an activity or have a snack if they need to be in the same room during the visit.
    3.  Give yourself time to log in before the appointment: 

      • Test your audio, video and microphone
    4. If possible, have these tools and information on hand (note that these tools can vary based on the type of visit):

      • Thermometer. Inexpensive digital thermometers are available online and at local retailers. If your child is under 3, consider a digital thermometer designed specifically for rectal use. Have questions about taking your child’s temp? We have answers in this post.
      • Scale (or your child’s weight)
      • Name and location of your pharmacy
      • Flashlight or other light source, such as an additional phone flashlight so we can look down your child’s throat if needed
      • List of questions for your child’s provider
      • Typical supplies needed for regular therapy visits (applies to physical, occupational and speech therapy)
    5. Be prepared to assist with physical examinations:

      • For example, you may be asked to shine your light down your child’s throat or apply pressure to their belly
    6. Ask questions:

      • Don’t be nervous to ask us questions! We encourage children to ask questions too. They might show us their favorite game or pet, and that is okay. We want you both to be comfortable during the visit.

    Need to schedule a telehealth visit? Call 804-828-CHOR (2467) or request an appointment online.

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