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Wonder Tower virtual beam signing

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May 2021 marks a major milestone in the construction of your new children’s tower – the placement of the tower’s final steel beam! COVID-19 hasn’t delayed construction and it won’t prevent us from safely celebrating the future of pediatric health care in our community! Leave your mark on CHoR history by signing the virtual beam.

Scheduled to open in spring 2023, our new 500,000-square-foot children’s tower completes and entire city block dedicated to caring for kids. Connected to our award-winning outpatient Children’s Pavilion, the new tower will feature emergency, trauma and inpatient care; additional operating rooms; increased imaging capacity; and family amenities. The new facility connects the wonders of childhood with the wonders of modern medicine.

Join us on May 19 at 6 p.m. for the virtual topping out ceremony. RSVP to get tower and event updates.

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I'm looking forward to seeing the future of health care at CHoR! Ryan Knight
We're so lucky to have this incredible hospital right here in Richmond - and soon this new tower! Elizabeth
With hope for all the children of this great state who will be cured by stem cell transplant. Kyrie Magee
I'm so happy to be apart of the VCU family!! God bless our children! Tanika Anderson
May this building protect everyones health that is housed within these walls. Krystal Webb
Our volunteers are so proud to serve you, CHoR! Volunteer Services
Great days ahead!!! Robin Songer
CHOR...congratulations on such an amazing edifice built to house our children in one location. JOB WELL DONE!!!! ROSLYN JOHNSON
"A dream is a wish your heart makes" - Here's to mending more hearts, bodies, and minds to dream bigger tomorrow! Dr. Maggie Hendricks OTD, OTR/L
Making superheroes, one child at a time. Ashley Stigall
I'm so happy to be a part of the CHoR team and I cannot wait for 2023! Mara Hasenstaub
My hearts: AidenAbbyAva To Infinity and Beyond Beyond 2021 Tracy Brown
CHOR is the best! So proud to be a team member Ruth Trivelpiece
May this be a blessing and light for our community's future! Sandra Benanti
The Lighting Practice, a proud member of the design team, looks forward to the positive impact this project will have on the community. Helen Diemer, FIALD, LEED AP
What a victory for Virginia's children & their families! Gwynne Jenkins
Congratulations! Frank and Peggy Moore Peggy Moore
What a wonderful resoursce for the children of this community john ward
Get well soon! Shelly & Eric Askew
A place of wonder for all children in need to be healed and thrive! Joyce S Winters
Years later..... a place for children to heal while living life to the fullest. Cindy
Proud to be a team member of CHOR! Kaamilya King
Celebrating the health & life of my granddaughter Remy Spirit Miller! Thank you CHoR for your wonderful care! Nan Boyd
Bless this building and all who enter. Elizabeth Laux
To the health of future children Page A. Kastelberg
Children are God’s way of saying the world should go on Deb Rasnick
May miracles come from God to protect and these children. Barry Treger
We are so thankful for the incredible team at Children’s!!! Prayers abound for all the nurses, doctors and staff that continue to serve 💜 Rachel, Joe & Hope Pierce
With Love & Support for Your Patients & Child Life Specialists! Cville Sock Love
Thank you CHOR for saving my son's life! Forever grateful, Nikki and Corban Nicole Everton
So thankful for CHoR! Having such a specialized hospital close to home was a blessing to our family. Crystal Corcoran
So excited for a dedicated children’s hospital! Ki’Arra Goodman
In memory of Maya Smith, forever our Warrior Princess Melissa Smith
Wonder Tower : May you give children life and joy forever. Francie Reed
ensuring the magic of childhood! Julie Ann and Paul Wash
Such an exciting and important time for kids and families in Virginia! Kate Marino
The Wonder Tower shows the intense commitment for expanding health care access to children,adolescents, young adults in VA!! Jennifer Rohan,PhD
Blessed are those who work in the ministry of healing! "...I am the Lord who heals you." (Exodus15:26) Annette and Jerome Ross, Ph.D
Thank you for helping our child live and grow. We pray that this place does the same and continues to help children live and grow. Bill and Cynthia Wilkinson
Our long awaited full service Children's Hospital of Richmond is finally becoming a reality... truly a LIFE changer!!! Eleanor Maxey Goode
#JaviStrong Javier Guzman
Amazing - I have been dreaming about a Children’s Hospital ever since I was an intern here in 1981👍👏 Gita Massey
We need to nurture and protect our young generation to help us have a better and brighter future! Desiree Danielle Sanderson
May we never forget who we're building this hospital for: the children, who are our future Siri Garrett
CHOR has the best care of our kids! So excited to be a part of this journey!!! Tracy Lowerre
WE DID IT! Donna Taylor
Building hope for our future. Amanda
A dream becoming reality 💗. Grateful to all who have a part in fulfilling this dream !!! Ginny Little
So proud to be part of an amazing team. It's definitely an exciting time for our children and families. Congratulations CHOR!! <3 Blair Curtis
Our future is bright! Greta Johnson
‘It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.’ So blessed to witness this for our patients & families. Alisha Reynolds, BSN RN CPN
I am so proud to be part of this historic moment and working with RMHC in keeping families close and HEATHLY in RVA Dayna A Cleveland-Cobb
Here's to Peds BMT at CHOR--growing and being best!!! Kyrie Magee
looking forward to the future! Megan Balazek
Filled with awe and "wonder" by the amazing care CHOR provides my kids and this community!! Marianne Williams
Glad to play a part in bringing this project to life! Keep on providing top notch pediatric care for Central Virginia! Jeffrey S. Davis
What a fantastic opportunity to serve the children and their families from Richmond and beyond! Alice Peay
I'm proud to be a part of the project. Ajay Prasad
Yay for dedicated children's care!!! Anne H. Chan, DPT, MBA
So excited for this specialized care for my patients. Karen Saunders
Another step closer! Sam Brinton
Proud to be part of an amazing accomplishment, not just for VCU Health, but for the city of Richmond and the state of Virginia! C. Taylor Greene
So pleased to be a part of this milestone event. This will make such a difference to the children of Richmond and surroundings areas. Anita White-Woodley
For all the wonderful children in our community, I am pleased to work for YOU! Sabrina C. Minter
So thankful for the leadership that has made this dream a reality! Liv Gorla Schneider, VCU SOM '02, Pediatric Residency '05
Spent 14 wonderful years in Acute Care Pediatrics and this was something we could only dream of! So happy to see it coming to fruition! Jennifer Middleton
CHOR is the BEST Danielle Martin
The best place for kids to thrive and heal! Get Well Soon! Khalil Martin
So happy to have such a great hospital care for my child. Jessica Moore
Like pushing a watermelon out of your nose. Amazing job team! Denise Tang
A child is a gift, be their LIGHT! ~Soldier P TheNorris4
So excited to see the wonder tower come to life! Glad to be apart of the design team! Candace Goodman
Yes RVA there is a full service Children's Hospital in your back yard. Cyndi R Cline
CHOR was my Nursing “home” for 32 years! What a privilege to work with such a wonderful group of professionals! Thank you for all you do! Stacey Partin,MS,RN,CPN
Dream big, little ones Amanda Weatherford
Hands down the best Doctors and Nurses! Lisa Morton
Looking forward to the future of CHoR Shelby Millikin
Megan Wray Megan Elizabeth Wray