Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Children’s Tower virtual beam signing

Virtual beam signing

May 2021 marked a major milestone in the construction of your new Children’s Tower – the placement of the tower’s final steel beam! COVID-19 didn’t delay construction or prevent us from safely celebrating the ‘topping out.’ View the signatures of the hundreds who signed our virtual beam.

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I'm looking forward to seeing the future of health care at CHoR! Ryan Knight
We're so lucky to have this incredible hospital right here in Richmond - and soon this new tower! Elizabeth
With hope for all the children of this great state who will be cured by stem cell transplant. Kyrie Magee
I'm so happy to be apart of the VCU family!! God bless our children! Tanika Anderson
May this building protect everyones health that is housed within these walls. Krystal Webb
Our volunteers are so proud to serve you, CHoR! Volunteer Services
Great days ahead!!! Robin Songer
CHOR...congratulations on such an amazing edifice built to house our children in one location. JOB WELL DONE!!!! ROSLYN JOHNSON
"A dream is a wish your heart makes" - Here's to mending more hearts, bodies, and minds to dream bigger tomorrow! Dr. Maggie Hendricks OTD, OTR/L
Making superheroes, one child at a time. Ashley Stigall
I'm so happy to be a part of the CHoR team and I cannot wait for 2023! Mara Hasenstaub
My hearts: AidenAbbyAva To Infinity and Beyond Beyond 2021 Tracy Brown
CHOR is the best! So proud to be a team member Ruth Trivelpiece
May this be a blessing and light for our community's future! Sandra Benanti
May this be a blessing and light for our community's future! Sandra Benanti
The Lighting Practice, a proud member of the design team, looks forward to the positive impact this project will have on the community. Helen Diemer, FIALD, LEED AP
What a victory for Virginia's children & their families! Gwynne Jenkins
Congratulations! Frank and Peggy Moore Peggy Moore
What a wonderful resoursce for the children of this community john ward
Get well soon! Shelly & Eric Askew
A place of wonder for all children in need to be healed and thrive! Joyce S Winters
Years later..... a place for children to heal while living life to the fullest. Cindy
Proud to be a team member of CHOR! Kaamilya King
Celebrating the health and life of my granddaughter- Remy Spirit Miller Nan Noyd
Celebrating the health & life of my granddaughter Remy Spirit Miller! Thank you CHoR for your wonderful care! Nan Boyd
Bless this building and all who enter. Elizabeth Laux
To the health of future children Page A. Kastelberg
Children are God’s way of saying the world should go on Deb Rasnick
May miracles come from God to protect and these children. Barry Treger
We are so thankful for the incredible team at Children’s!!! Prayers abound for all the nurses, doctors and staff that continue to serve 💜 Rachel, Joe & Hope Pierce
With Love & Support for Your Patients & Child Life Specialists! Cville Sock Love
Thank you CHOR for saving my son's life! Forever grateful, Nikki and Corban Nicole Everton
So thankful for CHoR! Having such a specialized hospital close to home was a blessing to our family. Crystal Corcoran
So excited for a dedicated children’s hospital! Ki’Arra Goodman
In memory of Maya Smith, forever our Warrior Princess Melissa Smith
Wonder Tower : May you give children life and joy forever. Francie Reed
ensuring the magic of childhood! Julie Ann and Paul Wash
Such an exciting and important time for kids and families in Virginia! Kate Marino
The Wonder Tower shows the intense commitment for expanding health care access to children,adolescents, young adults in VA!! Jennifer Rohan,PhD
Blessed are those who work in the ministry of healing! "...I am the Lord who heals you." (Exodus15:26) Annette and Jerome Ross, Ph.D
Thank you for helping our child live and grow. We pray that this place does the same and continues to help children live and grow. Bill and Cynthia Wilkinson
Our long awaited full service Children's Hospital of Richmond is finally becoming a reality... truly a LIFE changer!!! Eleanor Maxey Goode
#JaviStrong Javier Guzman
Amazing - I have been dreaming about a Children’s Hospital ever since I was an intern here in 1981👍👏 Gita Massey
We need to nurture and protect our young generation to help us have a better and brighter future! Desiree Danielle Sanderson
May we never forget who we're building this hospital for: the children, who are our future Siri Garrett
CHOR has the best care of our kids! So excited to be a part of this journey!!! Tracy Lowerre
WE DID IT! Donna Taylor
Building hope for our future. Amanda
A dream becoming reality 💗. Grateful to all who have a part in fulfilling this dream !!! Ginny Little
So proud to be part of an amazing team. It's definitely an exciting time for our children and families. Congratulations CHOR!! <3 Blair Curtis
Our future is bright! Greta Johnson
‘It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.’ So blessed to witness this for our patients & families. Alisha Reynolds, BSN RN CPN
I am so proud to be part of this historic moment and working with RMHC in keeping families close and HEATHLY in RVA Dayna A Cleveland-Cobb
Here's to Peds BMT at CHOR--growing and being best!!! Kyrie Magee
looking forward to the future! Megan Balazek
Filled with awe and "wonder" by the amazing care CHOR provides my kids and this community!! Marianne Williams
Glad to play a part in bringing this project to life! Keep on providing top notch pediatric care for Central Virginia! Jeffrey S. Davis
What a fantastic opportunity to serve the children and their families from Richmond and beyond! Alice Peay
I'm proud to be a part of the project. Ajay Prasad
Yay for dedicated children's care!!! Anne H. Chan, DPT, MBA
So excited for this specialized care for my patients. Karen Saunders
So excited for this specialized care for my patients. Karen Saunders CPNP Karen Saunders
Another step closer! Sam Brinton
Proud to be part of an amazing accomplishment, not just for VCU Health, but for the city of Richmond and the state of Virginia! C. Taylor Greene
So pleased to be a part of this milestone event. This will make such a difference to the children of Richmond and surroundings areas. Anita White-Woodley
For all the wonderful children in our community, I am pleased to work for YOU! Sabrina C. Minter
So thankful for the leadership that has made this dream a reality! Liv Gorla Schneider, VCU SOM '02, Pediatric Residency '05
Spent 14 wonderful years in Acute Care Pediatrics and this was something we could only dream of! So happy to see it coming to fruition! Jennifer Middleton
CHOR is the BEST Danielle Martin
The best place for kids to thrive and heal! Get Well Soon! Khalil Martin
So happy to have such a great hospital care for my child. Jessica Moore
Like pushing a watermelon out of your nose. Amazing job team! Denise Tang
A child is a gift, be their LIGHT! ~Soldier P TheNorris4
So excited to see the wonder tower come to life! Glad to be apart of the design team! Candace Goodman
Yes RVA there is a full service Children's Hospital in your back yard. Cyndi R Cline
CHOR was my Nursing “home” for 32 years! What a privilege to work with such a wonderful group of professionals! Thank you for all you do! Stacey Partin,MS,RN,CPN
Dream big, little ones Amanda Weatherford
Hands down the best Doctors and Nurses! Lisa Morton
Looking forward to the future of CHoR Shelby Millikin
Megan Wray Megan Elizabeth Wray
Hooray for the Wonder Tower! Elaine Ryan
It’s fantastic that the children of RVA & Virginia will have the best pediatric Specialist available in one location. Carol Lubno
Care for tomorrow future adult one of my classmate spent a lot of time here Savannah Chandler
This will be a tremendous facility for the children of our area. Evan Shriver
We love the Children's Hospital! Thank you for all that you do! The Wood Family
A sincere thank you to everyone who has helped turn this dream into a reality for every child in our community! You make a difference! Emily Toalson
“Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children” Diana, Princess of Wales. Janice Crews
VCU Health Volunteer Joe Shocket
There’s no limit to the WONDER Kids & Families will find at ChoR Grace Schneckenburger Parker
This is a sign of Virginia Loves Kids and Richmond is capital of Love for kids !! Sindhu Reddy
This is exactly what was needed for our little ones!! So excited for the future of CHOR! Mikki Owens
Can’t wait to see all of my doctors in the new space! Thanks CHoR! Aubrie Ruppert
May this tower welcome every child and family in need and unlock every wonder they deserve. Robin & Jake Lutz
Thank you, God, for every child! God bless their parents and caregivers. Lisa Ballance
Exciting development for the Richmond region David Whitlow
Congratulations CHoR, way to nurture all the little champions in Richmond! Michelande Ridore
Way to go VCU Tomaneeka Stigall
May God continue to bless the patients that come to VCUH as well as the Healthcare workers that serve here. Franchesca DeLisser
I am praying that the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU can provide world-class care for critically ill children, and their families. Kendra Farmer
Proud to be a vital part of this project and work with such an amazing team. Thanks from P&J Arcomet Matt Bogar
Congrats CHoR at VCU!!! Britney Ellison
Thank you to VCU Health for providing this wonderful facility for the families of Central VA. Matt Franklin
The future care for our children Sterling Price
"Beaming" with pride! Thank you for caring for the children of our Commonwealth and beyond. Paula M. Henderson
Proud to be on the design team for this important facility for our children! Marshall Eichfeld
Wishing all the best care to all the kids that will enter this building!!! A long time coming and glad I can say I am with VCU! Alison Fehl
Congrats to CHoR on an exciting achievement for our hospital and community! Kelsey Baer
Congrats! MoJo Rupp
May this new beginning exceed all expectations for the children and families you so generously and compassionately treat. Michelle Rene Evans
Jess, Danny,Zachary and Tristan Brunelli 😁 Jessica Brunelli
Very happy to have a chance to work on this project and to be a part of it! Lincoln K. Swineford, PE
Sending JOY!!!!! Ed and Tricia and Emma Blair
To preserve and restore health to children and families throughout the Commonwealth and beyond for decades to come! Ralph Clark, M.D., Interim CEO VCU Medical Center
History is being made for the lives of Children! #GoVCUHealth Derrick Washington
I am so excited to be a part of this GREAT organization and its wonder staff. All the BEST!!! B. J. Shelton
You’re Our Hero! Annette Ross
So excited to be part of a great milestone for the families of Richmond! Leslie Hanson
Here's to more healing, hope, and happiness. May the wonder never end! Brooke Cable
Finally! I wasn't sure I would ever see this become a reality but it is finally here! Congrats! Ron Winborne
I KNOW you can beat this! Melanie and Marcelle Davis
Prayer changes lives! Melanie and Marcelle Davis
RVAR Bulldog20
Representing the VCU Lockshop Stephen Ward
Prayers for the children and the people who take care of them. Sharlene Shannon
Good Luck! Larry McCully
For all the preemies who will grow up to be superstars!!! Matt Seibert
What an exciting time to be a team member at VCU Health! Vickie Mullins
Congratulations and here's to Changing Kids Health and Changing the Future! Jim Littrell
So proud to be a part of CHoR! Ira Walker, RN, CC IV
To all the children who have been served and all those to come... love, faith and healing all go to you! Pat Stevens,OTL
Our future is bright! Sharon Darby
New beginnings! Nancy Bhat
This has is such a heartfelt project to be a part of. Sharon Rheinhart
All our nurses are excited to expand their ability to care for our pediatric patients! Conner Schmitz
Well done team! Kammie Elaine Cox
Looking forward to this beacon of children's health and well-being in Richmond being complete! Emily Griffey
In memory of Maya Smith, forever our Warrior Princess Melissa Smith
Welcome to the neighborhood!!! Bill Martin/The Valentine
Peace, Love & Healthy Lungs!!! Alex Bediako - Peds Pulmonary
May this Wonder Tower be a blessing to all those who work here and are healed here. Elizabeth Nan Laux
What a WONDERful Place! Miranda Reynolds
Dreams do come true! Leslie Wyatt
Congratulations! I'm so proud of the partnership we at CMN Hospitals have with Children's Hospital of Richmond! Clark Sweat
Congratulations on the Wonder Tower! Andi I. Sjamsu
One beam closer to a new day for kids health care! Cynthia Wyatt
Appreciation to CHoR's healthcare professionals and to all who worked to make this a reality for the children. Bernice B. Allen
Appreciation to CHoR's healthcare professionals and to all who worked to make this a reality. Bernice B. Allen
Started from the bottom now we here Gabby Saunders
Started from the bottom now we’re here! …new beginnings for our children at CHOR Gabby
Congratulations to CHOR!!! Ann Lagos
May every child this building blesses be surrounded by love XO Celia Anderson
There's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day. John McCully
This has been a tremendous team effort! Jeff Nelson
Best wishes for the new Children’s Tower. This will be a gift to families in central Virginia for generations. Congratulations! Satish Kumar Mahajan
Change Kids' Health ~ Change the Future Stacie Monz
So proud Richmond will have an amazing facility for children and families! Sandy Turnage
MeeMaw’s 3 MiMis Sam Younger
Thank you for the amazing work you all do everyday. Dr. Austin, Dr. Boomer, and all of the oncology staff are the best! Love you ladies! Kohen Hare
Congratulations!! Cheers to Change Kids' Health~ Change the Future! Stacie Monz
Sir Dylan is going to LOVE the new hospital! It’s made for dragon-slayers like him. India Lipton
What a bright future for the healthcare of children in Virginia and beyond!! Jose L Munoz MD
Thank you for healing our children! Brian Anderson
What a W-O-N-D-E-R-ful day for Richmond's children, their families, and our community. Congratulations! Gentry & Steve O'Neill
For our beautiful Deirdre, with all our love always Anthony Collins
The wait has been worth it for THE best children's hospital!! Heather Daniel
Thank you CHOR for all you do for my son Jayahn! Jametra Copeland
We are beyond excited for the promise and hope this new Children's Hospital brings to Richmond for children and famlies!!! Venus & Quentin Bolton
Raising the bar for children's health in Richmond! Teresa Knott
What an awesome thing to happen in Richmond, Virginia -- World Class Children's' Hospital! Marilyn D. King
To bright futures in a beautiful building! I'm so excited for this new hospital! Jennifer Brigle
I’m so glad to be a part of the design with my daughter. Travis Goodwyn
Here’s to providing great care for RVA’s kids for decades to come! Hillary O'Boyle
Truly a dream come true for most of my long career here at VCUHS, with many of those years spent as a Pediatric Nurse! My heart is full! Teri Kuttenkuler
Proud inpatient CHOR nurse who is so excited about the opportunities for care the new tower will bring to children in central VA. Louise Enright
Cheers to new beginnings.. I'm so excited for this new hospital.. Merri Gorham
Thank you for all you do for children and families in Richmond! Sarah Moseley
I truly love working with the pediatric patients, their families, the physicians, nurses and social workers. It has been very fullfilling. Micki Scanlon
Our family didn’t get to know CHoR until this year but so far we have loved our experience. We look forward to the building completion! Horovitch-Kelley family
Congratulations. Long awaited. Mahendra D shah
Congratulations, blessings and best wishes for the Wonder Tower, a milestone in providing quality child health services in Virginia. Satish Kumar Mahajan
"You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what outcome." -Patch Adams Elaine Biedler
In honor of my brother Justin Caskey! #captaincrutch Brooke Hignett
What an exciting time for Pediatric healthcare in Richmond! I worked in Pediatrics at MCV/VCU for 18 years. Great memories :) Gayle King
Children are the future! Jamari Woodson
A Place For EVERY Kid! Rachel W. Bruni
Here’s to new adventures! Emina Didic
To Becoming Healthy Children in RVA Don Morrison
Cody, Samantha and Olivia Samantha Perry
For Children!! Juuso Kristian Kaukonen
The best is yet to come ❤️ Tianna P. Grey- Peds Orthopedics
Congratulations! I’m very honored to be part of this team. Tina Humbel
Congratulations everyone! Art Kolluri
Praising God for the new facilities and the blessings of an amazing team of healthcare providers! Robin F Davis
How Awesome Diane Davis
At the Wonder Tower - Anything is Possible Nick & Gina Schiaffo
Such an honor to work with Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU for the 10th Annual 36 Hours for Kids Radiothon! Bonnie Hoffman
For the kids...always! Jeff Katz
I am so glad that there will be a dedicated tower to provide the care needed to the kids! Brett Lewis
Thank you for all you do for the children of Richmond and all over the state! The Weiss Family
Your dedication and care of all children is greatly appreciated. I certainly appreciate the care my granddaughter in 2012. Kathy M. Christian
Thank you for caring for Nora and our family in our greatest time of need Katie Jennings
Your dedication and caring for all children is deeply appreciated. Our family thank you for the care of my granddaughter in 2012. Kathy M. Christian
Thanks for allowing us to be their from the beginning Kyla Roerty
You are loved ❤️ Lesa Valentin
For Georgia Burnley who spent her whole life helping kids Bob Burnley
Honored to have the opportunity to be a member of the team building the Wonder Tower.....Career Project! Rasmussen Family (Davy, Olivia and Jack)
God's blessings and healing grace to all those this hospital will serve and who care for these precious children! The Williamson Family
May every family served in this childrens hospital be truly blessed Gordon Prior
Thank you for all you do! Weiss famil
Remember to Always Smile Tammy Elder
The only easy day was yesterday Dustin Conner
Excited for the new facility! We spent 4 month with our son at VCU -this new facility will make it a bit easier for the kids and families. Helene Kastenbaum
In loving memory of James Harrison White Patricia White
Glad you will give hope yo so many children Denise Halderman
Thank you for bringing hope and compassion to so many children and their families during what can be scary and difficult times Susan Longest
I’m so touched by this worthwhile cause. Hope you will far exceed your goals! Wishing all a Merry Christmas!🎄 deb Blount
God Bless all the children who pass through the doors of Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU 360 Plumbing Service
Wonder Tower and Children's Hospital is a miracle made possible by dedicated people for the benefit of our children. Thanks to all! Al Schalow
Powhatan, Virginia Donald S. Lee
God bless our children! Debi Smith
Stand tall. Stay positive. Keep working hard for all the children. Thank you all. Corinna Rivara
Be well Diana Sybil Maxwell
Grateful Grandmother Catherine Englishman
God bless all the children & their families who come to Children’s Hospital. Rhonda Harper
In honor of Cole Budny! Love, Mimi Tammy F Ferguson
Fly Bye Donald R Gunter
God's love will heal and protect all you beautiful children. Renee Oglesby
I am very privileged to be a part of this wonderful endeavor. Michael Varnier
Thank you for this wonderful building. Mrs. Jan B. Taylor
I donated in the name of my daughter Sarina who has children's hospital helped her in so many ways Mona Moody-Watson
We’re all stories in the end. Make yourself a good one. Jarrod Rick
Good luck, good wishes, and good health to all the children Kyle and Leah Sadowski
To make the world a better place, find the love in your heart and give it ! Mary Heather McMunn
Where Miracles will happen. Patricia Fetta
Many Healthy Days at CHoR! Gordon Costello
May God Bless All who serve and preserve the health of our greatest resource CHILDREN! Bless all that enter the Wonder Tower! Terry Miffleton
Believe in dream's they can happen Benita Clark Grattan
I am very privileged to be a part of this wonderful endeavor. Michael Varnier
Congratulations! Kate Bissinger
Happy to be a small part of this!♥️ Nancy B. Marks, RN
Rebecca Fontenot
God bless the children. Robin Baughan
Nice service and I like everything there Razan alaqiliy