VCCN team

Virginia Austin, RN Virginia Austin, RN

Quality manager for Virginia Children’s Care Network

Virginia joined the VCCN team in March 2021. She will oversee the implementation of VCCN’s quality improvement measurement/analytics tool and network scorecard/reporting strategy, as well as provide oversight for network quality improvement projects and initiatives.

Virginia has a BA in Economics from Emory University and a BS in Nursing from VCU. She has been at VCU for 11 years, working clinically as an RN before working several years in data and analytics roles. Her role prior to joining VCCN was Data Science Manager in Performance Improvement, where she oversaw system-wide quality metric reporting and provided strategic guidance on pay-for-performance programs and external quality measurement programs. Prior to her healthcare career, she served as Executive Director for a congregation-based nonprofit organization that identified and addressed health needs of low income community members.

Virginia is passionate about finding practical and innovative ways to reduce inefficiencies and improve outcomes in patient care.

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