Current residents

Parks, Theodore (Robbie), MD Theodore (Robbie) Parks, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University SOM

Hey there, my name is Robbie, and I am one of the second-year residents. I grew up in Virginia and attended medical school here at VCU. Richmond is a great city to live in, and VCU is a wonderful place to train, so it was an easy decision to put VCU number one on my rank list when applying to residency. Nearly 1.5 years into residency, I am still excited to train here and enjoy working with all of my amazing co-residents.

I bought a house shortly after matching here and live with my wife, 2-year-old daughter, and 75-lb lap dog. I enjoy both primary and critical care, and my current plan is to apply for EM fellowship next year. I also love to teach learners at all levels and could see myself working at an academic hospital after completing my training. I am happy to talk to any applicant about our program, the city, being a father, or anything other questions you might have.

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