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Sherry Lee, DO Sherry Lee, DO

Western Univ of Health Sci - COOM of the Pacific

Hello! My name is Sherry Lee and I am a pediatric intern. I grew up in the beautiful, temperate Bay Area, California (near San Francisco). Desiring a change of seasons and being a lover of history, I moved across the country to Bryn Mawr College (in the Philadelphia area). After college, I moved to Norfolk, VA where I worked as an orthopedic scribe and a behavior therapist for children with autism. Together these experiences convinced me that I was committed to a lifetime of medicine and working with children. For medical school, I attended the Western University of Health Sciences in sunny Southern California. As a fourth-year medical student, I did an acting internship at VCU and loved it. Not only were the residents welcoming and fun, but the patients were also interesting and challenging. Richmond is a city that is history in the making and is ever-evolving. It has an abundance of personality evident from the creative murals, beautiful historical houses, and walkable restaurants tucked within residential neighborhoods. There is a long list of fun things to do in the city alone from numerous biking trails, museums (i.e. home of Edgar Allen Poe), music festivals, and delicious Southern food. Additionally, the beloved beach, Washington DC (with a plethora of museums and national monuments), colonial Williamsburg, and the Shenandoah mountains (for those hikers and dedicated backpackers) are all simply a day trip away. We are excited for you to join our residency family!

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