Current residents

Sam Pouncey, DOSam Pouncey, DO

Alabama COOM

Welcome to VCU! Hope you guys enjoy your virtual interview day. I’m sure you’re all probably sitting there wondering, “How on earth am I supposed to decide if I want to work with these people from a virtual interview experience?” I know I would have. I interviewed here last October and pretty much fell in love. This was my third interview on the trail and it quickly became the standard by which I compared other programs. When it came time to rank, I just kept coming back to VCU. It’s a wonderful place to work. My co-interns and residents aren’t just colleagues, they’re truly my friends. (Sorry I know that sounds cliché, but it’s actually true). The nurses and staff are also very friendly and helpful and easy to work with, which I promise is a big deal for a new intern wandering blindly around the hospital. For when you aren’t working, the Richmond area is great, even during a pandemic, with great restaurants, outdoor sights to see, and lots of history.

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