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Current residents

Kibbi, Nadine, MD Nadine Kibbi, MD

American University of Beirut

I’m Nadine Kibbi. Currently a 3rd-year Pediatrics resident at CHoR. I came from my hometown Beirut, Lebanon for residency and the experience at CHoR has proven to be worth the move! I played rugby league during medical school but now enjoy exercising outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. I am easily able to access the running trails from my downtown apartment and rent a bike to go on longer trips if I choose to. I enjoy exploring new places and traveling and have been able to do so during my time in residency. I got to various nearby cities to enjoy the wineries in Charlottesville, the ocean at Virginia Beach and the touristic sites in Washington D.C. I am blessed to have made many new friends in Richmond who continue to support me through all the obstacles of residency.

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