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Darwish, Nada, MD Nada Darwish, MD

Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar

Hello everyone! … and thank you for being interested in our residency program! My name is Nada (which is Arabic for dew). I was born in Alexandria (Egypt), and therefore I have an enormous amount of love for the Mediterranean. I lived most of my life in Qatar though, which is a fascinating and incredibly diverse place. I graduated from Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. I have always known I wanted to do pediatrics, and during med school, I became even more certain because I saw in pediatricians the kind of doctor I wanted to be.

This was also what I was looking for during my interview trail, and I found it here at VCU. Our incredibly unique program offers a great variety of patients, very supportive attendings, and a wonderful group of residents. It celebrates diversity – you will never feel like a complete stranger here! – which I will always appreciate. I am grateful to be spending the most challenging part of my medical training in such a nurturing place. All of this, while lying in the heart of Richmond which itself is a charming city in its own right.

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