Current residents

Michael Terribile, DOMichael Terribile, DO

Kansas City Univ of Med and Biosci COOM

Hello residency inquirers. I hope this page finds you well. I am a Virginia native, with roots in Charlottesville. My origins for an interest in medicine started as an EMT in Crozet, VA cruising through the bucolic spaces, getting to know my patients and their stories over long rides for care. Eventually, I developed a taste for research, working in a microbiology lab both in college, and under Gates funding at UVA (I can talk poop related topics for days now). While in school, my interest in kiddos and their care with the family unit captivated me while working as an M3 in Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy.

Through all this, I’ve continued playing music (now drums, former trumpeter), rock climbing, frequenting the jazz community, kept up limited miles (former mediocre college XC runner), and exploring various nature spaces with friends via casual versus hardcore trekking.

Transitioning into Richmond has been everything I could ask for; from the residents and attending’s whom I connect with on a daily basis, to the opportunities afforded from seeing our diverse patient population. Additionally, being close to home, living in a community that is coming to value safe and equitable spaces for the black and brown community, having rich inventive music, art and food spots, as well as the presence of nature that interweaves itself through city center, are all the more reason to find joy in my time here.

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