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Michael Axline, MD

Michael Axline, MD

University of Pittsburgh SOM

My name is Mikie and I am a VCU MedPeds PGY2. I grew up in Naples, FL, attended university at The College of William and Mary, and then medical school at The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. I took a few years off between undergrad and medical school with a postback at NYMC and a research year at Boston Children’s Hospital. I ended up back in Virginia for residency because I felt a real connection with VCU and Richmond on my interview day. I truly feel that I lucked into a great program with amazing and supportive co-residents.

Some things I love about Richmond are the James River, Richmond’s amazing park system, and the long list of coffee shops and breweries around town. I've really loved my time here in Richmond and look forward to sharing why I love VCU MedPeds.

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