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Mitchell, Meredith, MD Meredith Mitchell, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University SOM

Hi everyone! My name is Meredith and I'm a second-year Categorial Peds resident. I'm a Virginian born and bred; I grew up in Alexandria, VA where I went to T.C Williams High School (#RememberTheTitans) and then went to undergrad at UVA in Charlottesville. I took a few years off before starting med school to gain some clinical experience and travel the world, but when deciding on a medical school I knew I wanted to stay in my home state. I came here to VCU for med school and absolutely fell in love with the city of Richmond. For me, it's the perfect sized city that has a variety of neighborhood styles, is affordable, family-friendly, vibrant and always with lots to do. The James River, Capitol Trail and central location in the state provides amazing access to outdoor activities. My dog, Biscuit, is extremely thankful for that! There's always some new restaurant, brewery, coffee shop, name it! being written up by Bon Appetit and believe me I can vouch for them all. Outside of Richmond, I loved my clinical time at VCU as a medical student. I got a front-row seat to the amazing faculty, residents, teaching and resources that we offered. I loved the balance of residents to fellows that clearly fostered an environment of resident autonomy. The Pediatrics department, and frankly the hospital as a whole, was clearly family-friendly and placed a high value on resident wellness. It was no surprise to me that after all the many interviews, I still came back to VCU and felt it was the best place for me to thrive. While I'm so sad that you won't be able to see our amazing city (I mean c'mon-- we were on the Frommer's Top Destination list with places like Bali! Scotland! India! Rio de Janeiro!), I hope that you at least get a sense of how wonderful our program is and how close-knit we are.

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